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Recent Changes to BPQ32 Node

10 August 2023 Version

Apply NODES command wildcard to alias as well a call (2)
Add bandwidth setting to FLRIG interface. (2)
Fix N VIA (3)
Improvements to FLRIG Rigcontrol backend (6, 7)
Fix UZ7HO Window Title Update
Reject L2 calls with a blank from call (8)
Update WinRPR Window header with BPQ Port Description (8)
Fix error in blank call code (9)
Change web buttons to white on black when pressed (10)
Fix Port CTEXT paclen on Tracker and WinRPR drivers (11)
Add RADIO PTT command for testing PTT (11)
Fix using APPLCALLs on SCSTracker RP call (12)
Add Rigcntol Web Page (13)
Fix scan bandwidth change with ARDOPOFDM (13)
Fix setting Min Pactor Level in SCSPactor (13)
Fix length of commands sent via CMD_TO_APPL flag (14)
Add filter by quality option to N display (15)
Fix VARA Mode reporting to WL2K (16)
Add FLRIG POWER and TUNE commands (18)
Fix crash when processing "C " without a call in UZ7HO, FLDIGI or MULTIPSK drivers (19)
FLDIGI improvements (19)
Fix hang at start if Telnet port Number > Number of Telnet Streams (20)
Fix processing C command if first port driver is SCSPACTROR (20)
Fix crash in UZ7HO driver if bad raw frame received (21)
Fix using FLARQ chat mode with FLDIGI ddriover (22)
Fix to KISSHF driver (23)
Fix for application buffer loss (24)
Add Web Sockets auto-refresh option for Webmail index page (25)
Fix FREEDATA driver for compatibility with FreeData TNC version 0.6.4-alpha.3 (25)
Add SmartID for bridged frames - Send ID only if packets sent recently (26)
Add option to save and restore received APRS messages (27)
Add mechanism to run a user program on certain events (27)
If BeacontoIS is zero don't Gate any of our messages received locally to APRS-IS (28)
Add Node Help command (28)
Add APRS Igate RXOnly option (29)
Fix RMC message handling with prefixes other than GP (29)
Add GPSD support for APRS (30)
Attempt to fix Tracker/WinRPR reconnect code (30)
Changes to FreeDATA - Don't use deamon and add txlevel and send text commands (31)
Fix interactive commands in tracker driver (33) // Fix SESSIONTIMELIMIT processing
Fix processing of extended QtSM 'g' frame (36)
Allow setting just freq on Yaseu rigs (37)
Enable KISSHF driver on Linux (40)
Allow AISHOST and ADSBHOST to be a name as well as an address (41)
Fix Interlock of incoming UZ7HO connections (41)
Disable VARA Actions menu if not sysop (41)
Fix Port CTEXT on UZ7HO B C or D channels (42)
Fix repeated trigger of SessionTimeLimit (43) // Fix posible memory corruption in UpateMH (44)
Add PHG to APRS beacons (45)
Dont send DM to stations in exclude list(45)
Improvements to RMS Relay SYNC Mode (46)
Check L4 connects against EXCLUDE list (47)
Add vaidation of LOC in WL2K Session Reports (49)
Change gpsd support for compatibility with Share Gps (50)
Switch APRS Map to my Tiles (52)
Fix using ; in UNPROTO Mode messages (52)
Use sha1 code from https://www.packetizer.com/security/sha1/ instead of openssl (53)
Fix TNC Emulator Monitoring (53)
Fix attach and connect on Telnet port bug introduced in .55 (56)
Fix stopping WinRPR TNC and Start/Stop UZ7HO TNCX on Linux (57)
Fix stack size in beginthread for MAC (58)
Add NETROM over VARA (60)
Add Disconnect Script (64)
Add node commands to set UZ7HO modem mode and freq (64)
Trap NODES messages with empty From Call (65)
Add RigControl for SDRConsole (66) // Fix FLRig crash (66)
Fix VARA disconnect handling (67)
Support 64 ports (69)
Fix Node commands for setting UZ7HO Modem (70)
Fix processing SABM on an existing session (71)
Extend KISS Node command to send more than one parameter byte (72)
Add G7TAJ's code to record activity of HF ports for stats display (72)
Add option to send KISS command to TNC on startup (73)
Fix Bug in DED Emulator Monitor code (74)
Add Filters to DED Monitor code (75)
Detect loss of DED application (76)
Fix connects to Application Alias with UZ7HO Driver (76)
Fix Interlock of ports on same UZ7HO modem. (76)
Add extended Ports command (77)
Fix crash in Linbpq when stdout is redirected to /dev/tty? and stdin ia redirected (78)
Fix Web Terminal (80)
Trap ENCRYPTION message from VARA (81)
Fix processing of the Winlink API /account/exists response (82)
Fix sending CTEXT to L4 connects to Node when FULL_CTEXT is not set

26 June 2022 Version

Add option to control which applcalls are enabled in VARA
Add support for rtl_udp to Rig Control
Fix Telnet Auto Connect to Application when using TermTCP or Web Terminal
Allow setting css styles for Web Terminal
And Kill TNC and Kill and Restart TNC commands to Web Driver Windows
More flexible RigControl for split frequency operation, eg for QO100
Increase stack size for ProcessHTMLMessage
Fix HTML Content-Type on images
Add AIS and ADSB Support
Compress web pages
Change minidump routine and close after program error
Add RMS Relay SYNC Mode
Changes for compatibility with Winlink Hybrid
Add Rigcontrol CMD feature to Yaesu code
Trap potential buffer overrun in ax/tcp code
Fix possible hang in UZ7HO driver if connect takes a long time to succeed or fail
Add FLRIG as backend for RigControl
Fix bug in compressing some management web pages
Fix bugs in AGW Emulator
Add more PTT_Sets_Freq options for split frequency working
Allow RIGCONTROL using Radio Number (Rnn) as well as Port
Fix Telnet negotiation and backspace processing
Fix VARA Mode change when scanning
Add Web Mgmt Log Display
Fix crash when connecting to RELAY when CMS=0
Send OK to user for manual freq changes with hamlib or flrig
Fix Rigcontrol leaving port disabled when using an empty timeband
Fix processing of backspace in Telnet character processing
Increase max size of connect script
Fix HAMLIB Slave Thread control
Add processing of VARA mode responses and display of VARA Mode
Fix crash when VARA session aborted on LinBPQ
Fix handling port selector (2:call or p2 call) on SCS PTC packet ports
Include APRS Map web page
Add Enable/Disable to KAMPACTOR scan control (use P0 or P1)
Add Basic DRATS interface
Add additonal Rigcontrol options for QO100
Set Content-Type: application/pdf for pdf files downloaded via web interface
Fix sending large compressed web messages
Fix freq display when using flrig or hamlib backends to rigcontrol
Change VARA Driver to send ABORT when Session Time limit expires
Add Chat Log to Web Logs display
Fix possible buffer loss in RigControl
Allow hosts on local lan to be treated as secure
Improve validation of data sent to Winlink SessionAdd API call
Add support for FreeDATA modem.
Add GetLOC API Call
Change Leaflet link in aprs map.
Add Connect Log
Fix crash when Resolve CMS Servers returns ipv6 addresses
Fix Reporting P4 sessions to Winlink
Add support for FreeBSD
Fix Rigcontrol PTCPORT
Set TNC Emulator sessions as secure
Fix not always detecting loss of FLRIG
Add ? and * wildcards to NODES command
Add Port RADIO config parameter

22 August 2021 Version

Add WinRPR Driver (DED HostMode over TCP)
Fix handling of VARA config commands FM1200 and FM9600
Improve Web Termanal Line folding
Add Start TNC to WinRPR driver
Add support for VARA2750 Mode
Add support for VARA connects via a VARA Digipeater
Add digis to SCSTracker and WinRPR MHeard
Separate RIGCONTROL config from PORT config and add RigControl window on Windows version
Fix crash when a Windows HID device doesn't have a product_string
Changes to VARA TNC connection and restart process
Trigger FALLBACKTORELAY if attempt to connect to all CMS servers fail.
Fix saving part lines in adif log and Winlink Session reporting
Add Port Specific CTEXT
Add FRMR monitoring to UZ7HO driver
Add audio input switching for IC7610
Include Rigcontrol Support for IC-F8101E
Process any response to KISS command
Fix NODE ADD command
Add noUpdate flag to AXIP MAP
Fix clearing NOFALLBACK flag in Telnet Server
Allow connects to RMS Relay running on another host
Allow use of Power setting in Rigcontol scan lines for Kenwood radios
Prevent problems caused by using "CMS" as a Node Alias
Include standard APRS Station pages in code
Fix VALIDCALLS processing in HF drivers
Send Netrom Link reports to Node Map
Add REALTELNET mode to Telnet Outward Connect
Fix using S (Stay) parameter on Telnet connects when using CMDPORT and C HOST
Add Default frequency to rigcontrol to set a freq/mode to return to after a connection
Fix long (> 60 seconds) scan intervals
Improved debugging of stuck semaphores
Fix potential security bug in BPQ Web server
Send Chat Updates to chatupdate.g8bpq.net port 81
Add ReportRelayTraffic to Telnet config to send WL2K traffic reports for connections to RELAY
Add experimental Mode reporting
Add SendTandRtoRelay param to SCS Pactor, ARDOP and VARA drivers to divert calls to CMS for -T and -R to RELAY
Add UPNP Support

14 December 2020 Version

Fix occasional missing newlines in some node command reponses
More 64 bit fixes
Add option to stop setting PDUPLEX param in SCSPACTOR
Try to fix buffer loss
Remove extra space from APRS position reports
Suppress VARA IAMALIVE messages
Add display and control of QtSoundModem modems
Only send "No CMS connection available" message if fallbacktorelay is set.
Add HAMLIB backend and emulator support to RIGCONTROL
Ensure all beacons are sent even with very short beacon intervals
Add VARA500 WL2K Reporting Mode
Fix problem with processing frame collector
Fix possible problem with interactive RADIO commands not giving a response,
Incease maximum length of NODE command responses to handle maximum length INFO message,
Allow WL2KREPORT in CONFIG section of UZ7HO port config.
Fix program error in processing hamlib frame
Save RestartAfterFailure option for VARA
Check callsign has a winlink account before sending WL2KREPORT messages
Add Bandwidth control to VARA scanning
Fix TNCPORT reconnect on Linux
Add SecureTelnet option to limit telnet outward connect to sysop mode sessions or Application Aliases
Add option to suppress sending call to application in Telnet HOST API
Add FT991A support to RigControl
Use background.jpg for Edit Config page
Send OK response to SCS Pactor commands starting with #
Resend ICOM PTT OFF command after 30 seconds
Add WXCall to APRS config
Fixes for AEAPactor
Allow PTTMUX to use real or com0com com ports
Fix monitoring with AGW Emulator
Derive approx position from packets on APRS ports with a valid 6 char location
Fix corruption of APRS message lists if the station table fills up.
Don't accept empty username or password on Relay sessions.
Fix occasional empty Nodes broadcasts
Add Digis to UZ7HO Port MH list
Fix WK2K Session Record Reporting for Airmail and some Pactor Modes.
Fix handling AX/IP (proto 93) frames
Fix possible corruption sending APRS messages
Allow Telnet connections to be made using Connect command as well as Attach then Connect
Fix Cancel Sysop Signin
Save axip resolver info and restore on restart
Add Transparent mode to Telnet Server HOST API
Fix Tracker driver if WL2KREPORT is in main config section
SNMP InOctets count corrected to include all frames and encoding of zero values fixed.
Change IP Gateway to exclude handling bits of 44 Net sold to Amazon
Fix crash in Web terminal when processing very long lines

24 April 2020 Version

Trap and reject YAPP file transfer request
Fix possible overrun of TCP to Node Buffer
Fix possible crash if APRS WX file doesn't have a terminating newline
Change communication with BPQAPRS.exe to restore old message popup behaviour
Preparation for 64 bit version
Improve flow control on SCS Dragon
Fragment messages from network links to L2 links with smaller paclen
Change WL2K report rate to once every two hours
Add PASS, CTEXT and CMSG commands and Stream Switch support to TNC2 Emulator
Add SessionTimeLimit command to HF drivers (ARDOP, SCSPactor, WINMOR, VARA)
Add links to Ports Web Management Page to open individual Driver windows
Add STOPPORT/STARTPORT support to ARDOP, KAM and SCSPactor drivers
Add CLOSE and OPEN RADIO command so Rigcontrol port can be freed for other use
Don't try to send WL2K Traffic report if Internet is down
Move WL2K Traffic reporting to a separate thread so it doesn't block if it can't connect to server
ADD AGWAPPL config command to set application number. AGWMASK is still supported
Register Node Alias with UZ7HO Driver
Register calls when UZ7HO TNC Restarts and at intervals afterwards
Fix crash when no IOADDR or COMPORT in async port definition
Fix Crash with Paclink-Unix when parsing ; VE7SPR-10 DE N7NIX QTC 1
Add RIGREONFIG command
Fix Web Terminal scroll to end problem on some browsers
Add PTT_SETS_INPUT option for IC7600
Add TELRECONFIG command to reread users or whole config
Enforce PACLEN on UZ7HO ports
Fix PACLEN on Command Output
Retry axip resolver if it fails at startup
Fix AGWAPI connect via digis
Fix Select() for Linux in MultiPSK, UZ7HO and V4 drivers
Limit APRS OBJECT length to 80 chars
UZ7HO disconnect incoming call if no free streams
Improve response to REJ (no F) followed by RR (F)
Try to prevent more than MAXFRAME frames outstanding when transmitting
Allow more than one instance of APRS on Linux
Stop APRS digi by originating station
Send driver window trace to main monitor system
Improve handling of IPOLL messages
Fix setting end of address bit on dest call on connects to listening sessions
Set default BBS and CHAT application number and number of streams on LinBPQ
Support #include in bpq32.cfg processing

24 September 2019 Version

Fix UZ7HO interlock
Add commands to set Centre Frequency and Modem with UZ7HO Soundmodem (on Windows only)
Add option to save and restore MH lists and SAVEMH command
Add Frequency (if known) to UZ7HO MH lists
Add Gateway option to Telnet for PAT
Try to fix SCS Tracker recovery
Ensure RTS/DTR is down on CAT port if using that line for PTT
Experimental APRS Messaging in Kernel
Add Rigcontrol on remote PC's using WinmorControl
Fix WL2K sysop update for new Winlink API
Fix APRS when using PORTNUM higher than the number of ports
Add Serial Port Type
Add option to linbpq to log APRS-IS messages.
Send WL2K Session Reports
Drop Tunneled Packets from 44.192 - 44.255
Log incoming Telnet Connects
Add IPV4: and IPV6: overrides on AXIP Resolver.
Add SessionTimeLimit to HF sessions (ARDOP, SCSPactor, WINMOR, VARA)
Add RADIO FREQ command to display current frequency

7 January 2019 Version

Fix validation of NODES broadcasts
Check for failure to reread config on axip reconfigure
Fix crash if STOPPORT or STARTPORT used on KISS over TCP port
Send Beacons from BCALL or PORTCALL if configured
Fix possible corruption of last entry in MH display
Ensure RTS/DTR is down when opening PTT Port
Remove RECONFIG command
Preparations for 64 bit version

7 November 2018 Version

Change WINMOR Restart after connection to Restart after Failure and add same option to ARDOP and VARA
Add Abort Connection to WINMOR and VARA Interfaces
Reinstate accidentally removed CMS Access logging
Fix corruption of NODE table if NODES received from station with null alias
Fix loss of buffer if session closed with something in PARTCMDBUFFER
Fix spurious GUARD ZONE CORRUPT message in IP Code.
Remove "reread bpq32.cfg and reconfigure" menu options
Add support for PTT using CM108 based soundcard interfaces
Datestamp Telnet log files and delete old Telnet and CMSAcces logs

19 March 2018 Version

Fix Setting data mode and filter for IC7300 radios
Add trace to SCS Tracker status window and tidy up other status windows
Fix possible hang in IPGATEWAY
Add BeacontoIS parameter to APRSDIGI. Allows you to stop sending beacons to APRS-IS.
Fix sending CTEXT on WINMOR sessions

26 February 2018 Version

Partial support for ax.25 V2.2
Add MHU and MHL commands and MH filter option
Fix scan interlock with ARDOP
Add Input source select for IC7300
Remove % transparency from web terminal signon message
Fix L4 Connects In count on stats
Fix crash caused by corrupt CMSInfo.txt
Add Input peaks display to ARDOP status window
Add options to show time in local and distances in KM on APRS Web pages
Add VARA support
Fix WINMOR Busy left set when port Suspended
Add ARDOP-Packet Support
Add Antenna Switching for TS 480
Fix possible crash in Web Terminal
Support different Code Pages on Console sessions
Use new Winlink API interface (api.winlink.org)
Support USB/ACC switching on TS590SG
Fix scanning when ARDOP or WINMOR is used without an Interlocked Pactor port.
Set NODECALL to first Application Callsign if NODE=0 and BBSCALL not set.
Add RIGCONTROL TUNE and POWER commands for some ICOM and Kenwwod rigs
Fix timing out ARDOP PENDING Lock
Support mixed case WINLINK Passwords
Add TUNE and POWER Rigcontol Commands for some radios
ADD LOCALTIME and DISPKM options to APRS Digi/Igate

12 July 2017 Version

Fix Socket leak in ARDOP and FLDIGI drivers.
Add option to change CMS Server hostname
ARDOP Changes for 0.8.0+
Discard Terminal Keepalive message (two nulls) in ARDOP command hander
Allow parameters to be passed to ARDOP TNC when starting it
Fix Web update of Beacon params
Retry connects to KISS ports after failure
Add support for ARDOP Serial Interface Native mode.
Fix gating APRS-IS Messages to RF
Fix Beacons when PORTNUM used
Make sure old monitor flag is cleared for TermTCP sessions
Add CI-V antenna control for IC746
Don't allow ARDOP beacons when connected
Add support for ARDOP Serial over I2C
Fix possble crash when using manual RADIO messages
Save out of sequence L2 frames for possible euse after retry
Add KISS command to send KISS control frame to TNC
Stop removing unused digis from packets sent to APRS-IS
Processing of ARDOP PING and PINGACK responses
Handle changed encoding of WL2K update responses.
Allow anonymous logon to telnet
Don't use APPL= for RP Calls in Dragon Single mode.
Add basic messaging page to APRS Web Server
Add debug log option to SCSTracker and TrkMulti Driver
Support REBOOT command on LinBPQ
Allow LISTEN command on all ports that support ax.25 monitoring

27 September 2016 Version

Allow /ex to exit UNPROTO mode
Support ARDOP ARQBW commands
Support IC735
Fix sending ARDOP beacons after a busy holdoff
Enable BPQDED driver to beacon via non-ax.25 ports
Fix channel number in UZ7HO monitoring
Add SATGate mode to APRSIS Code
Fix crash caused by overlong user name in telnet logon
Add option to log L4 connects
Add AUTOADDQuiet mode to AXIP
Add EXCLUDE processing
Support WinmorControl in UZ7HO driver and fix starting TNC on Linux
Convert calls in MAP entries to upper case
Support Linux COM Port names for APRS GPS
Fix using NETROM serial protocol on ASYNC Port
Fix setting MYLEVEL by scanner after manual level change
Add DEBUGLOG config param to SCS Pactor Driver to log serial port traffic
Use #myl to set SCS Pactor MYLEVEL, and add checklevel command
Add Multicast RX interface to FLDIGI Driver
Fix processing application aliases to a connect command
Fix Buffer loss if radio connected to PTC rig port but BPQ not configured to use it
Save backups of bpq32.cfg when editing with Web interface and report old and new length
Add DD command to SCS Pactor, and use it for forced disconnect
Add ARDOP mode select to scan config
ARDOP changes for ARDOP V 0.5+
Flip SSID bits on UZ7HO downlink connects
Force L2 connect to call in NODES table if call preceeded with ! (eg C 2 !g8bpq)

2nd November 2015 Version

Fix logging of IP addresses for connects to FBBPORT
Allow lower case user and passwords in Telnet "Attach and Connect"
Fix possible hang in KISS over TCP Slave mode
Fix duplicating LinBPQ process if running ARDOP fails
Allow lower case command aliases and increase alias length to 48
Fix saving long IP frames pending ARP resolution
Fix dropping last entry from a RIP44 message.
Fix displaying Digis in MH list
Add port name to Monitor config screen port list
Add KISSOPTIONS TRACKER to allow SCS Tracket to be used in KISS Mode
Fix APRS command call filter and add port filter
Support port names in BPQTermTCP Monitor config
Add FINDBUFFS command to dump lost buffers to Debugview/Syslog
Buffer Web Mgmt Edit Config output
Add WebMail Support
Fix not closing APRS Send WX file.
Add RUN option to APRS Config to start APRS Client
LinBPQ runs FindLostBuffers and exits if QCOUNT < 5
Close ARDOP and restart connection if nothing received for 90 secs
Add option to bridge all packets between ports (not just APRS UI frames)

10th September 2015 Version

Fixes for IPGateway configuration and Virtual Circuit Mode
Separate Portmapper from IPGateway
Add PING Command
Add ARDOP Driver
Add basic APPLCALL support for PTC-PRO/Dragon 7800 Packet (using MYALIAS)
Add "VeryOldMode" for KAM Version 5.02
Add KISS over TCP Slave Mode.
Support Pactor and Robust Packet on same port on P4Dragon
Add "Remote Station Quality" to Web ROUTES display
Add AMPRNet (Net44) Tunneling and RIP44 process
Add NAT for local hosts to IPGateway
Fix setting filter from RADIO command for IC7410
Add Memory Channel Scanning for ICOM Radios
Try to reopen Rig Control port if it fails (could be unplugged USB)
Fix restoring position of Monitor Window
Stop Codec on Winmor and ARDOP when an interlocked port is attached (instead of listen false)
Support APRS beacons in RP mode on Dragon
Change Virtual MAC address on IPGateway to include last octet of IP Address
Fix "NOS Fragmentation" in IP over ax.25 Virtual Circuit Mode
Fix sending I frames before L2 session is up
Fix Flow control on Telnet outbound sessions.
Fix reporting of unterminatred comments in config
Add option for RigControl to not change mode on FT100/FT990/FT1000
Add "Attach and Connect" for Telnet ports

14th February 2015 Version

Fix crash if corrupt HTML request received.
Allow SSID's of 'R' and 'T' on non-ax.25 ports for WL2K Radio Only network.
Make HTTP server HTTP Version 1.1 complient - use persistent conections and close after 2.5 mins
Add INP3ONLY flag.
Fix program error if UNPROTO command entered without a destination path
Show client IP address on HTTP sessions in Telnet Server
Reduce frequency and number of attempts to connect to routes when Keepalives or INP3 is set
Add FT990 RigControl support, fix FT1000MP support.
Support ARMV5 processors
Changes to support LinBPQ APRS Client
Add IC7410 to supported Soundcard rigs
Add CAT PTT to NMEA type (for ICOM Marine Radios
Add KISS over TCP
Support ACKMode on VKISS
Improved reporting of configuration file format errors
Experimental driver to support ARQ sessions using UI frames

26th October 2014 Version

Fix setting NOKEEPALIVE flag on route created from imcoming L3 message
Ignore NODES from locked route with quality 0
Fix seting source port in AXIP
Fix Dual Stack (IPV4/V6) on Linux.
Fix RELAYSOCK if IPv6 is enabled.
Add support for FT1000
Fix hang when APRS Messaging packet received on RF
Attempt to normalize Node qualies when stations use widely differing Route qualities
Add NODES VIA command to display nodes reachable via a specified neighbour
Fix applying "DisconnectOnClose" setting on HOST API connects (Telnet Server) Fix buffering large messages in Telnet Host API
Fix occasional crash in terminal part line processing
Add "NoFallback" command to Telnet server to disable "fallback to Relay"
Improved support for APPLCALL scanning with Pactor
MAXBUFFS config statement is no longer needed.
Fix USEAPPLCALLS with SCS Tracker when connect to APPLCALL fails
Implement LISTEN and CQ commands
FLDIGI driver can now start FLDIGI on a remote system

17th August 2014 Version

Use Registry Key HKEY_CURRENT_USER on all OS versions
Fix crash when APRS symbol is a space.
Fixes for FT847 CAT
Fix display of 3rd byte of FRMR
Add "DEFAULT ROBUST" and "FORCE ROBUST" commands to SCSPactor Driver
Fix possible memory corruption in WINMOR driver
Fix FT2000 Modes
Use new WL2K reporting system (Web API Based)
APRS Server now cycles through hosts if DNS returns more than one
BPQ32 can now start and stop FLDIGI
Fix loss of AXIP Resolver when running more than one AXIP port
mplement LISTEN and CQ commands

13th April 2014 Version

FLDigi now checks for busy before allowing an outgoing connect

1st April 2014 Version

Added FLDigi Interface See here for details.
Fix "All CMS Servers are inaccessible" message so Mail Forwarding ELSE works.
Validate INP3 messages to try to prevent crash
Fix possible crash if an overlarge KISS frame is received
Fix error in AXR command
Add LF to Telnet Outward Connect signin if NEEDLF added to connect line
Add CBELL to TNC2 emulator
Add sent objects and third party messages to APRS Dup Check List
Incorporate UIUtil in BPQ32.dll
Fix TNC State Display for Tracker
Cache CMS Addresses on LinBPQ
Fix count error on DED Driver when handling 256 byte packets
Add basic SNMP interface for MRTG
Fix memory loss from getaddrinfo
Process "BUSY" response from Tracker
Handle serial port writes that don't accept all the data (could cause truncated packets)

4th January 2014 Version

Add "Clear" option to MH command
Add "Connect to RMS Relay" Option
Revert to one stop bit on serial ports, explictly set two on FT2000 rig control
Fix routing of first call in Robust Packet
Add Options to switch input source on rigs with build in soundcards (so far only IC7100/7200 and Kenwood 590)
Add RTS>CAT PTT option for Sound Card rigs
Add Clear Nodes Option (NODE DEL ALL)
SCS Pactor can set differeant APPLCALLS when scanning.
Fix possible Scan hangup after a manual requency change with SCS Pactor
Accept Scan entry of W0 to disable WINMOR and P0 to disable Pactor on that frequency
Fix corruption of NETROMCALL by SIMPLE config command
Enforce Pactor Levels
Add Telnet outward connect
Add Experimantal RMS Relay/Trimode Emulation (Not complete yet)
Fix V4 Driver
Add PTT Mux (so more than one sound card mode can use the same radio)
Add Locked ARP Entries (via bpq32.cfg)
Fix IDLETIME node command
Fix STAY param on connect
Add STAY option to Attach and Application Commands
Fix crash on copying a large AXIP MH Window
Fix possible crash when bpq32.exe dies
Fix DIGIPORT for UI frames

6th October 2013 Version

Add frequency dependent autoconnect appls for Pactor
Fix DED Monitoring of I and UI with no data
Include AGWPE Emulator (from AGWtoBPQ)
Accept DEL (Hex 7F) as backspace in Telnet
Fix re-running resolver on re-read AXIP config
Speed up processing, mainly for Telnet Sessions
Fix APRS init on restart of bpq32.exe
Change serial port setup to 2 stop bits
Fix scrolling of WINMOR trace window
Fix Crash when ueing DED TNC Emulator
Fix Disconnect when using BPQDED2 Driver with Telnet Sessions
Allow HOST applications even when CMS option is disabled
Fix APRS DIGIMAP command with no targets (didn't suppress default settings)

17th July 2013 Version

Add facility to start amd kill a WINMOR TNC on a remote host
Fix Program Error when APRS Item or Object name is same as call of reporting station
Don't digi a frame that we have already digi'ed
Add ChangeSessionIdleTime API
Add WK2KSYSOP Command
Add IDLETIME Command
Fix Errors in RELAYAPPL processing
Add STOPPORT and STARTPORT commands to close/reopen KISS ports so TNC can be reconfigured without closing node
Fix possible crash caused by invalid RIGCONFIG line

The documentation of Node User and SYSOP commands has been updated

6th June 2013 Version

Fix operation on Win98
Fix callsign error with AGWtoBPQ
Fix PTT problem with WINMOR
Fix Reread telnet config
Add Secure CMS signon
Fix error in cashing addresses of CMS servers
Fix Port Number when using Send Raw.
Fix PE in KISS driver if invalid subchannel received
Fix Origin address of beacons
Speed up Telnet port monitoring.
Add TNC Emulators. See here for details
Add CountFramesQueuedOnStream API
Add XDIGI feature. See here for details
Add Winmor Robust Mode switching for compatibility with new Winmor TNC
Add APRS packet decode and Web Interface
APRS Digi/Igate can now gate packets from APRS-IS to RF - please use with caution!
Stop corruption caused by overlong KISS frames

22th March 2013 Version

Now available for Linux systems (LinBPQ) as well as Windows. See here for more information.

  NOPARAMS  - Don't send Parameters (TXDELAY, SLOTTIME, etc) to TNC;

Optional L2 Alias can be specified on APPLICATION config statement

Add "KISS over UDP" driver.

Add option to bridge APRS frames from one port to another. Mainly to allow uising 3rd party APRS clients with BPQ32 APRS Digi/IGate

Web Interface includes Drivr and Stream Status Windows.

TCP/IP API added - mainly for LinBPQ, but also available on Windows version See here for details.

25th September 2012 Version

Fix possible crash when using KISS ports with COMn > 16

8nd August 2012 Version

Fix handling TelnetServer packets over 500 bytes in normal mode
Fix Igate handling packets from UIView
Prototype Baycom driver (not yet fully functional)
Set WK2K group ref to MARS (3) if using a MARS service code
Various bug fixes to reduce random crashes/hangs
Add TNCX KISSOPTION for TNC-X BPQKISS software (includes the ACKMODE bytes in the checksum)

2nd June 2012 Version

Fix opening more thn one console window on Win98
Change method of configuring multiple timelots on WL2K reporting (use : to separate)
Add option to update the WK2K Sysop Database
Add Web server
Add UIONLY port option

2nd April 2012 Version

Convert to MDI (Multiple Docment Interface) presentation of BPQ32.dll windows. See here for details
Add option to send APRS Objects and Items
Send APRS Status packets
Send QUIT not EXIT in SCS PTC Initialisation sequence
Implement new WL2K reporting format and include traffic reporting info in CMS signon
New formet for WL2KREPORT Configuration Statement. See here for details
Prevent loops when APPL alias refers to itself
Add RigControl for Flex and ICOM IC-M710 Marine radios

17th February 2012 Version

Don't look for Password file. Password is now specified in BPQ32.cfg
Add extra MultiPSK commands for control of ALE Beacons and Mode changes
Fix MultiPSK Transparency. MultiPSK can now be used for binary transfers
Make LOCATOR command compulsory
Add MobileBeaconInterval APRS param
Send Course and Speed when APRS is using GPS
Fix Robust Packet reporting in PTC driver when some channels are Pactor only
Fix corruption of some MIC-E packets by APRS code

29th January 2012 Version

Remove CR from Telnet User and Password Prompts
Add Rigcontrol to UZ7HO driver
Fix corruption of Free Buffer Count by Rigcontol
Add MultiPSK Driver (for ALE400 and 141A modes)
Remove need for MAP DUMMY in AXIP config (for Chat Map)
Fix check on length of Port Config ID String with trailing spaces
Fix interlock when Port Number is not equal to the port position in config filet
Add optional NETROMCALL for L3 Activity
Fix Telnet you dont have a TCPPORT and use FBBPORT
Add Reread APRS Config command to BPQ32 Console
Fix switching to Pactor after scanning in normal packet mode (SCSPTC Driver)
Add Support for BPQAPRS - an APRS Mapping and Messaging Application
Add IPV6 support to APRS IGate

4th January 2012 Version

If you use RigControl, please read this, before installing this version, as the configuration format has changed.

If you are currently running a version below, please read warming at the start of the Changelog.

Rewrite RigControl and add "Reread RigControl Config"
Connects from the console to an APPLCALL or APPLALIAS now invoke any Command Alias that has been defined.
Fix reporting of Tracker freqs to WL2K.
Fix Tracker monitoring setup (sending M UISC)
Fix possible call/application routing error on RP
Changes for P4Dragon
Supports User Mode VCOM Driver for VKISS Ports
Include APRS Digi/IGate
Tracker monitoring now includes DIGIS
Include driver for UZ7HO soundcard modem.
Support sending UI frames using SCSTRACKER, SCTRKMULTI and UZ7HO drivers
Accept DRIVER as an alternative to DLLNAME, and COMPORT as an alternative to IOADDR in bpq32.cfg. COMPORT is decimal
No longer supports separate config files, or BPQTELNETSERVER.exe
Improved flow control for Telnet CMS Sessions
Fix handling Config file without a newline after last line
Add non - Promiscuous mode option for BPQETHER
Change Console Window to a Dialog Box.
Fix possible corruption and loss of buffers in Tracker drivers
Add "Beacon After Session" option to Tracker and UZ7HO Drivers
Add option to add comments to the NodeMap

17th October 2011 Version

WARNING!!!! If you use VISTA or WIN7, the first time you run this version, your registry configuration for all BPQ32 programs will be moved from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
This is necessary as I've found that Vista/WIN7 stores HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE in an obscure place unless you are running as administrator. This messes up the Registry Save/Restore process.

Add caching of CMS Server IP addresses. This enables CMS Telnet to function during a DNS outage.
Initialise TNC State on Pactor Dialogs. The TNC State wasn't always shown correctly.
Add Shortened (6 digit) AUTH mode. Supports BPQAuth, a new method for BBS SYSOP Authentication over radio links.
Update MH with all frames (not just I/UI). MH didn't used to update on connect requrests, etc.
Add IPV6 Support for TelnetServer and AXIP.
Fix TNC OK Test for Tracker. You could sometimes attach a Tracker port, even if the link to TNC was down.
Fix crash in CMS mode if terminal disconnects while tcp connect in progress.
Add WL2K reporting for Robust Packet.
Add option to suppress WL2K reporting for specific frequencies.
Fix Timeband processing for Rig Control. Having more that two timebands didn't always work properly.
New Driver for SCS Tracker allowing multiple connects, so Tracker can be used for user access. See SCSTrackerMulti.
Experimental Driver for V4 TNC. V4 is a narrowband soundcard mode from the author of WINMOR.
Combine busy detector on Interlocked Ports (SCS PTC, WINMOR or KAM)
Improved program error logging
WL2K reporting format changed. This should allow BPQ32 stations to appear on the Winlink HF Status page

11th April 2011 Version

Add "Close all programs" command
Add BPQ Program Directory registry key, so software and config can be placed in different directories
Time out IP Gateway ARP entries, and only reload ax.25 ARP entries from BPQARP.DAT
Add support for SCS Tracker HF Modes
Fix WL2K Reporting for Packet Sessions
Report software version to WL2K when using Telnet CMS Mode

14th February 2011 Version

Add support for BPQTermTCP, a new program for remote accesss to a BPQ32 Node over the Internet
Allow TelnetServer to listen on more that one port in FBB Mode.
Allow Telnet FBB mode sessions to send CRLF as well as CR on user and pass msgs, simplifiying use with WinPack
Add session length to CMS Telnet logging.
Show uptime in Days/Hours/Minutes instead of minutes

20th January 2011 Version

Fix loss of buffers in TelnetServer causing Node to hang.
Add logging of CMS Telnet sessions.
Add non - Promiscuous mode option for BPQETHER, for use with cards that don't support Promiscuous mode
Add option for Hardware PTT to use a different com port from the scan port
Add CAT PTT for Yaesu 897
Fix RMS Packet ports reporting busy after restart or reconfiguration of RMS Packet
Fix CMS Telnet with MAXSESSIONS > 10

5th January 2011 Version

Fix MH Update for SCS Outgoing Calls
Allow BPQ32 to access the WL2K CMS Servers via TelnetServer (Instead of via RMS Packet)
Fix occasional Program Error when a Pactor or Winmor session disconnects with data outstanding.

20th December 2010 Version

Fix freq display for FT100 (was KHz, not MHz)
Allow Map reporting position to be set using Lat/Lon as well as Locator. See here for details.
Fix Telnet Log Name
Fix starting with Minimized windows when Minimizetotray isn't set
Support SCS Robust Packet Mode on some SCS PTC Controllers. See here for details. Robust Packet support is still experimental.
Add support for FT2000 to Rigcontrol
Only Send CTEXT to connects to Node (not to connects to an Application Call)

16th November 2010 Version

Include support for HAL Clover/Pactor Modems
Changes to Pactor Drivers disconnect code
AXIP now sends with source port = dest port, unless overridden by SOURCEPORT param. See here for details.
Config now checks for duplicate port definitions
Add Node Map reporting
Fix WINMOR deferred disconnect.
Write Telnet log to BPQ Directory
Add Port to AXIP resolver display
Add support for FT100 to Rigcontrol
Add "Save Registry Config" command to "Actions" menu
The AEA PK232 Pactor driver is no longer considered experimental.

14th October 2010 Version

Fix problem with loading on Win98/ME systems.
Fix problem wirh re-reading AXIP Resolver config.
Support more than one AXIP Port
Move TelnetServer into bpq32.dll. See here for details.
Report AXIP accept() fails to syslog, not a popup.
AEA Pactor driver is included in bpq32.dll, but this driver is still considered experimental.

7th October 2010 Version

Rigcontrol has been rewritten, with new options, such as setting Winmor/Pactor session bandwidth, ICOM Repeater Shift and Data Mode and Antenna Switching. Configuration is now in the driver config, and there is no separate RigControl window - the info appears in the Pactor/Winmor windows. See the RigControl documentation for details

Most drivers previously provided as .dll files are now built in to bpq32.dll. However, you still configure them the same - TYPE=EXTERNAL DLLNAME=xxxxx.dll.

Extend INFOMSG to 2000 bytes
Improve Scan freq change lock (check both SCS and WINMOR Ports)
Add option to reread IP Gateway config.
Fix extra entries being left in window list after reinitialisation.
If you are using WINMOR, you can now get bpq32 to start the TNC, and close it when BPQ32 exits. See the WINMOR documentation for details.

The WINMOR and Pactor drivers now include most configuration commands, Only site-specific customisation is needed in the config files. See the documentation for each driver for details.

You can now included all driver configuration information in bpq32.cfg. Just before the ENDPORT add CONFIG, then the config statements from your driver.cfg file, eg:

BCALL=GM8BPQ ; Call for Beacons



UDP 10093 ;Listens for UDP packets on this port number

MAP DUMMY bpqchatmon.ham-radio-op.net UDP 10090 B


You can still have separate config files, but I recommend converting to the new format.
The configuration for the WINMOR and Pactor drivers is a bit different when the config in bpq32.cfg - see the documentation for each driver for details.

16th August 2010 Version

New Configuration file documentation here.
Read bpq32.cfg (or bpqcfg.txt) instead of bpqcfg.bin
Support 32 bit MMASK (Allowing 32 Ports)
Support 32 bit APPLMASK (Allowing 32 Applications)
Allow longer Application command aliases (up to 32 bytes)
Fix logic error in RIGControl Port Initialisation (wasn't always raising RTS and DTR)
Clear RIGControl RTS and DTR on close
Fix Kenwood Rig Control when more than one message received at once.
Save minimzed state of Rigcontrol Window
Fix reporting of set errors in scan to a random session
Now returns "Sorry, Application XXX is not running - Please try later" instead of "Sorry, All XXX Ports are in use - Please try later" if Application isn't running.

2nd June 2010 Version

Add option to prevent node trying to keep link to a neighbours open.

6th April 2010 Version

No longer flips SSID bits on Downlink Connect if uplink is Pactor/WINMOR
Fix resetting IDLE Timer on Pactor/WINMOR sessions. This was preventing transfers lasting more than 15 minutes
Add KISS OPTION "D700" which removes risk of accidentally taking D700/D710 radios out of KISS Mode

20th March 2010 Version

Rig Control is now build in to bpq32.dll. Rigcontrol.dll is no longer used.
Adds control of Kenwood Rigs
Adds option to combine Attach and Call commands for Pactor and WINMOR