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Simple Serial TNC Driver.

1. Introduction.

This driver allows BPQ32/LinBPQ to be used with a TNC which doesn't have direct support in BPQ. It simply connects the user's session to the Serial port, allowing commands to be sent to the TNC.

2. Configuration.

The driver is defined to BPQ32 as an External port. The serial Port and Baud Rate for the TNC are defined in the main section of the port config.

Sample Config for a Serial TNC Port

 ID=Serial TNC 11

3. Operation.

As the TNC only supports a single connection (unlike ax.25 packet), the port must be allocated to a user before making connects. This is done using the ATTACH command. So if your port is BPQ32 port 3, enter


Possible responses are:

#BPQ11:GM8BPQ-2} Ok

#BPQ11:GM8BPQ-2} Error - Port in use   // Port is in use.

Once attached to a port, you use send any commands to the TNC. To enable you to send control charaters to the tnc there is an escape mechanism using the ^ character:

Use ^c for ctrl/c, etc
Use ^^ for ^
To disconnect session send \\d and to send \\ use \\\

John Wiseman GM8BPQ/G8BPQ
September 2019