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BPQ32 has a Web Interface option. Although it was originally the management interface for LinBPQ it now provides other features, such as WebMail and various APRS displays, including a map. Different options are shown, depending on whether Mail, Chat or APRS are enabled. Access to some features, such as Terminal, "Edit Config" and "View Logs", requires SYSOP status. If you connect to the Node as or from a host on a network defined as a LOCALNET (see config info below) then you automatically get SYSOP access and the "SYSOP Signin" option doesn't appear. If you connect to the real address of the Node then you need to sign in to use those features.

Node Only:

Node, APRS, Chat and Mail:


The Web Server runs as part of the Telnet Server, so you must have a Telnet port configured to use it. To enable Web access, add the line


to the Telnet Port Configuration.

Optional. Defines address range to be considered secure by the Web Server. Parameter is Network Address/Netmask. If Netmask is omitted /24 is assumed. You can have more than one LOCALNET command if you have more than one interface on your host. For example:


The Terminal and SYSOP Signin functions use the USER definitions from the Telnet Port for authentication.

You can change the font and other display characteristics of the Terminal by specifing custom css in a WebTermCSS parameter in the Telnet Server config, eg

WebTermCSS=font-family:'Lucida Console';background-color:black;color:lawngreen;font-size:14px;

You can tinker with other values or css options, but be aware that css is pretty fussy about formatting.

The server does not require any files, but the home page and some display features changed by placing files in folder HTML, below your BPQ32 Data Directory:

index.html                   Home page when BPQAPRS.exe is running
indexnoaprs.html             Home page when BPQAPRS.exe is not running
favicon.ico                  Icon for Web Pages
background.jpg               Background for pages

Sample files can be downloaded from here

John Wiseman G8BPQ
June 2012 Updated January 2022