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BPQ32 Network Display.


A web page is maintained showing BPQ32 nodes It can be seen here. If you want your information to be shown on this map, and you have an Internet link, add the line

LOCATOR=XXnnXX to the top of your bpq32.cfg file. (Where XXnnXX is your Maidenhead Location (aka Grid Square)). You can find your locator using this site

You can also specify your position as Lat/Lon, if you want greater (or less) precision than given by using the locator. Specify decimal degrees, North and East positive, South and West negative.

LOCATOR=58.47579, -6.211808

This will send your location and any Winmor Pactor V4 or Robust Packet MHeard inforation to server update.g8bpq.net.

You can specify additional comments to appear on the map using the MAPCOMMENTS statement.

MAPCOMMENT=BPQ32 Test Node, Nottingham<BR>Comment Line 2

The comment is treated a HTML, so you can include HTML tags in the text. You can enter up to around 220 characters.

The map presentation is still under development, but at the moment shows two maps. The first shows all active BPQ32 nodes that have been configued for reporting. If you click on a station, the lower map will show all Winmor and Pactor stations heard by that station.

Although at the moment this is mainly of interest to stations running the HF modes, I'd appreciate it if all stations would report their location, so I can get an idea of how many BPQ32 nodes there are, and where they are located.

John Wiseman GM8BPQ/G8BPQ
15th November 2010