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The G8BPQ Mail Server.


This is a BBS program specifically designed to interface to BPQ32. Although there are a number of perfectly adequate BBS programs about, none interface to BPQ32 particularly cleanly, and very few are still supported.

Please Read These Notes before running the software.

Outline Spec


Basic Mailbox Functions (handling personal mail and bulletins). See here for a list of user commands.

Simple Webmail Interface

All configuration via dialogs (no files to edit);

MBL/RLI standard forwarding and FBB-compatible compressed forwarding over ax.25 and netrom.

POP3 SMTP and NNTP servers, allowing a standard Internet mail and news clients (e.g. Outlook) to send messages to, and receive messages from the BBS.

Ability to send locally input messages to an Internet email account, and receive responses back from the recipient.

Content filter to hold messages with objectionable content. See details here

SYSOP-configurable INFO and HELP text. See details here

Special facilites for handling NTS Messages. See details here

Messages can by Exported to and Imported from files. See details here

Can interoperate with the Winlink 2000 Email System. See details here

Quick Links.



Forwarding to/from WL2K


Main Window.

When you first run BPQMail, the Configuration window will appear.
You must save all the tabs before the software will continue, even if you haven't made any changes to the tab.

Configuration Menu.

From here you can enter the main Configuration Dialogs, or manage Users, Forwarding, Messages and WP entries.

Click Here for information on Configuration, Manage Users,Manage Messages and Manage Forwarding.

Manage Messages.

Here you can:
    Edit message header and forwarding flags
    Edit the message text
    Save the message to a file
    Print one or more message
    Export one or more messages

Message Status Values are:

N Not read or forwarded
Y Has been read
$ Bulletin that still has stations to be forwarded to
F Has been forwarded to all stations
K Message has been killed
H Message has been Held. (ie can't be forwarded, read or killed, except by sysop).
D Message has been marked as Delivered. Used only for NTS Messages

Manage White Pages Entries.

Here you can edit or delete entries in the WP Database.

Actions Menu.

From here you can perform various actions. Most are pretty obvious. Rerun Message Routing passes each message through the mail routing routine. This could be used if you add a new BBS or user, to queue existing messages to them, or if a BBS fails, you could disable it and redistribute messages queued to it to other BBS's.

Windows Menu.

From here you can open the Console window, which connects you to the BBS, and the Monitor windows.