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BPQ Mail Server Mail Forwarding from/to Winlink


It is possible to send messages between the BPQ BBS and the Winlink 2000 system. This would normally be done using the CMS option of the Telnet module , but could be via an HF server using Pactor or WINMOR. You can send mail via RMS either by speciying rms: in front of the email address or by addressing the message @winlink.org. eg

sp rms:john.wiseman@domain.com

sp g8bpq@winlink.org

For this to work, you must create a BBS user called RMS. Make sure you have RMS in the TO box. The "Poll RMS" flag must be set on any users that you want to collect Winlink messages for. You can specify up to 3 SSID's to poll for each Callsign.

Winlink has an optional system of requiring a password to download mail, and are now (October 2015) in the process making this compulsory. The BBS can store these passwords and send them in an encoded form. The password for each user is stored in the CMSPass field in the BBS User record. A user can set their password using the BBS CMSPASS command, or it can be entered by the sysop. The field is not displayed, so care must be taken when entering it. Note that if any users require secure logon the BBS callsign must also have secure logon enabled. The password for the BBS call can be set in either the BBS User record or the record for user 'RMS'

WARNING - Messages with attachments can be forwarded to/from Paclink, Airmail or another BPQ BBS using B2 protocol, and using the email interface , but the attachments are likely to be lost if it is forwarded to any other BBS system.

Connect Script

If you are using your Telnet port for CMS access, the connect script is the single word RMS. When a connect to a CMS is made messages will be downloaded for the BBS call all configured SSID's of each flagged user.

John Wiseman G8BPQ
Updated October 2015