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This feature allows applications which only support IP addresses (such as WFBB) to use host names for makeing TCP connections. It is only available in the Windows version of BPQ32.


The software creates a virual IP host using the WINPCAP library, obtainable from www.winpcap.org.


The Configuration is supplied in bpq32.cfg.
The following Configuration Parameters are required:

ADAPTER is the ethernet adapter device name. Under XP and later systems. this is an encoded UID, which can be obtained by running the supplied program "bpqadapters". This will list all installed adapters with their real and "friendly" names, You can cut and paste the required value.

IPADDR is the IP address of the Portmapper on your LAN. This should be an unused address (NOT the IP address of the PC).

IPBROADCAST is the broadcast Address for your LAN

IPGATEWAY The default IP route. Normally your Internet Router.

MAP. Format is MAP IPADDR PORT HOSTNAME REMPORT. Connections from IPADDR to PORT are redirected to port NEWPORT on HOSTNAME.

Sample Config


Adapter \Device\NPF_{ECDB1154-982B-48D3-A394-785AC42588E3}

IPAddr         # IP address of the BPQ32 switch on your LAN
IPBroadcast    # The broadcast Address for your LAN
IPGateway        # Default IP route. Normally your Internet Router

MAP 10001 g8bpq.dyndns.org 6300
MAP 10003 g8bpq.dyndns.org 23


John Wiseman G8BPQ
February 2015