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RMS Relay to BPQ Mail Sync System

This code is under development and at the moment only supports transfers from RMS Relay to BPQ


An experimental system is being developed to allow BPQ Mail to connect to RMS Relay using the latter's "Sync" Protocol. This is intended to allow BPQ Mail to exchange "Radio Only" traffic with RMS Relay.


The system uses the Node's Telnet Server, so requires the following lines to be added to bpq32.cfg Telnet Server Config section:


Relay uses port 8780 by default for Sync, but if Relay and BPQ are on the same computer one must use a different port SYNCAPPL will normally be BBS, unless you use a different APPLICATION name for your BBS

You need to add a User SYNC to BPQ Mail. This must be set as a BBS, and if you want BPQ to connect to Relay you need a connect script something like:

c 2 SYNC 8780

John Wiseman G8BPQ
October 2021