BPQ32 Documents


If you have installed BPQ32 on your system, a local copy of the documentation current at the time of installation is available at "start>All Programs>BPQ32>BPQ32 Documents".


Documentation is also available on the Internet here The Internet version is normally more up to date than the local version, but you may need to use the local version if you are offline, or are not using the latest version of the software.


BPQ32 Installation 

BPQ Quickstart Guide by Ken KD6PGI 

LinBPQ Installation 

BPQ32 Configuration File Description 

BPQ32 Node Changelog 

Support Programs Changelog 



Using Pactor with BPQ32 

Using WINMOR with BPQ32 

Simple Setup for usimg Airmail with WINMOR 

APRS Digipeater/IGate (Internet Gateway)

APRS Mapping and Messaging Application



BPQ32 RS232 Cabling 

BPQAXIP Configuration 

BPQ OCX Programming 

BPQ Ethernet 

BPQ Host Mode Emulator 

BPQ Virtual Serial Port Driver 

IP Gateway Feature 

BPQ Mail Server 

BPQ Mail Server Changelog

BPQ Mail Server Configuration 

BPQ Mail and Chat Server Hints and Kinks 

BPQ Mail Server eMail Client Configuration 

BPQ Mail Server eMail Gateway 

BPQ Mail Server Mail Forwarding 

BPQ Mail Server Mail Forwarding to/from Winlink 

Changes to facilitate interworking with Winlink 

Guide to Chat Network Map System 

BBS User Commands