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Recent Changes to BPQ BBS

10 August June 2023 Version

Fix ' in Webmail subject (8)
Change web buttons to white on black when pressed (10)
Add auto-refresh option to Webmail index page (25)
Fix displaying help and info files with crlf line endings on Linux (28)
Improve validation of extended FC message (32)
Improve WP check for SYSTEM as a callsign (33)
Improvements to RMS Relay SYNC mode (47)
Fix BID Hold and Reject filters
Fix Webmail auto-refresh when page exceeds 64K bytes (54)
Fix Webmail send when using both headers/footers and attachmonts (55)
Fix R: line corruption on some 64 bit builds
Dont drop empty lines in TEXTFORWARDING (61)
Dont wait for body prompt for TEXTFORWARDING for SID [PMS-3.2-C$] (62)
Add forwarding mode SETCALLTOSENDER for PMS Systems that don't accept < in SP (63)
QtTerm Monitoring fixed for 63 port version of BPQ (69)
Fix to UI system to support up to 63 ports (79)
Fix recently introduced crash when "Don't allow new users" is set (81)
Skip comments before TIMES at start of Connect Script (83)

26 June 2022 Version

Fix crash when ; added to call in send commands
Allow smtp/ override for messages from RMS Express to send via ISP gateway
Send Internet email from RMS Express to ISP Gateway if enabled and RMS BBS not configured
Recompiled for Web Interface changes in Node
Add RMS Relay SYNC Mode
Add Protocol changes for Relay RO forwarding
Add SendWL2KPM command to connect script to allow users other than RMS to send ;FW: string to RMS Relay(21)
Fix B2 Header Date in Webmail message with sttachments.
Fix bug when using YAPP with VARA
Allow SendWL2KFW as well as the (incorrect)SendWL2KPM command
Add mechanism to send bbs log records to qttermtcp.
Add MFJ forwarding Mode (No @BBS on send)
Fix handling CR/LF split over packet boundaries
Add Header and Footers for Webmail Send
Fix Maintenance Interval in LinBPQ
Add RMS: to valid from addresses
Fix Web management on Android devices
Disconnect immediately if "Invalid Command" "*** Protocol Error" or "Already Connected" received (.70)
Check Badword and Reject filters before processing WP Messages

22 August 2021 Version

Fix flagging messages with attachments as read.
Fix possible corruption of WP database and subsequent crash on reloading.
Fix format of Web Manage Messages display
Fix occasional "Incoming Connect from SWITCH"
Fix L> with numeric dests
Improved diagnostic for MailTCP select() error.
Clear "RMS Express User" if user is changed to a BBS
Fix saving Window positions on exit
Fix parsing ReplyTemplate name in Webmail
Handle multiple addressees for WebMail Forms messages to packet stations
Add option to allow only known users to connect
Add basic callsign validation to From address
Add option to forward a user's messages to Winlink
Move User and WP Config and Message Headers to main config file.
Update message status when reading a Forms Webmail message
Speed up killing multiple messages

14 December 2020 Version

Remove nulls from displayed messages.
Fix Holding messages from SMTP and POP3 Interfaces
Various fixes for handling messages to/from Internet email addresses
Fix saving Email From field in Manage Messages
Fix sending WL2K traffic reports via TriMode.
Fix removing successive CR from Webmail Message display
Fix Wildcarded @ forwarding
Fix message type when receiving NTS Msgs form Airmail
Fix address on SERVICE messages from Winlink
Add multiple TO processing to Webmail non-template messages
Don't backup config file if reading it fails
Include Port and Freq on Connected log record
Make sure welcome mesages don't end in >
Allow flagging unread T messages as Delivered
Replace \ with # in forward script so commands starting with # can be sent
Fix forwarding NTS on TO field
Fix possible crash in text mode forwarding
Allow decimals of days in P message lifetimes and allow Houskeeping interval to be configured
Add DOHOUSEKEEPING sysop command
Add MARS continent code
Try to trap 'zombie' BBS Sessions
On Linux if "Delete to Recycle Bin" is set move deleted messages and logs to directory Deleted under current directory.
Fix corruption of message length when reading R2 message via Read command
Fix paging on List command and add new combinations of List options
Fix NNTP list and LC command when bulls are killed

24 April 2020 Version

Improvements to YAPP
Add Copy forwarding config
Add Next and Previous buttons to Webmail message read screen
Move HTML templates from HTMLPages to inline code
Fix Paclen on YAPP send
Fix bug in handling "RMS Express User"
Fix WINPACK compressed forwarding
Add option to send P messages to more than one BBS
Add "Default to Don't Add WINLINK.ORG" Config option
Re-read Badwords.sys during Housekeeping
Add BID Hold and Reject Filters
On SMTP Send try HELO if EHLO rejected
Allow SID response timeout to be configured per BBS
Fix sending bulls with PAT
Set "Forward Messages to BBS Call" when routing Bulls on TO
Add option to send Mail For Message to APRS
Fix WP update
Fix Holding messages from Webmail Interface
Add RMR command
Disable null passwords and check Exclude flag in Webmail Sign in
Add basic Webmail logging

24 September 2019 Version

Trap missing HTML reply Template or HTML files
Fix case problems in HTML Templates
Fix setting To call on reply to HTML messages
More preparations for 64 bit including saving WP info as a text file.
Set "RMS Express User" when a new user connects using PAT
Increase maximum length on Forwarding Alias string in Web interface
Expand multiaddress messages from Winlink Express if "Don't add @Winlink.org" set or if no RMS BBS is configured
Fix program error if READ used without a filename
Trap reject messages from Winlink CMS
Fix "delete to recycle bin" on Linux
Handle Radio Only Messages (-T or -R suffix on calling station)
Fix program error on saving empty Alias list on Web Forwarding page
Experimental Blocked Uncompressed forwarding
Security fix for YAPP
Fix WebMail Cancel Send Message
Fix processing Hold Message response from Winlink Express

7 January 2019 Version

Ensure callsigns in WP database are upper case
Various fixes for Webmail
Fix sending direct to ampr.org addresses
Use SYSOP Call as default for Webmail if set
Preparations for 64 bit version

7 November 2018 Version

Add source routing using ! eg sp g8bpq@winlink.org!gm8bpq to send via RMS on gm8bpq
Accept an internet email address without rms: or smtp:
Fix "Forward messages for BBS Call" when TO isn't BBS Call
Accept NNTP commands in either case
Add NNTP BODY command
Timeout POP or SMTP TCP connections that are open too long
Add YAPP support
Fix connect script when Node CTEXT contains "} BBS "
Fix handling null H Route
Detect and correct duplicate BBS Numbers
Fix problem if BBS requests FBB blocked forwarding without compression (ie SID of F without B)
Fix crash if YAPP entered without filenmame and send BBS prompt after YAPP error messages
Revise WebMail interface and add support for Winlink HTML Forms
Update B2 header when using NTS alias file with B2 messages <

19 March 2018 Version

Make sure messages sent to WL2K don't have @ on from: address
If message to saildocs add R: line as an X header instead of to body
Close session if more than 4 Invalid Command responses sent
Report TOP in POP3 CAPA list. Allows POP3 to work with Windows Mail client

26 February 2018 Version

Fix Program Error if Filename missing from FILE connect script command
Suppress reporting errors after receiving FQ
Fix problem caused by trailing spaces on callsign in WP database
Support mixed case WINLINK Passwords
h3>12 July 2017 Version

Fix corruption of BBSNumber if RMS Ex User and BBS both checked
Tread B messages without an AT as Flood.
Make sure Message headers are always saved to disk when a message status changes
Reject message instead of failing session if TO address too long in FBB forwarding
Fix error when FBB restart data exactly fills a packet.
Fix possible generation of meg number zero in send nondlivery notification
Fix problem with "Web Manage Messages" when stray message number zero appears
Fix Crash in AMPR forward when host missing from VIA
Fix possible addition of an spurious password entry to the ;FW: line when connecting to CMS
Fix test for Status "D" in forward check.
Don't cancel AUTH on SMTP RSET
Fix "nowhere to go" message on some messages sent to smtp addresses
Add @ from Home BBS or WP if not spcified in "Send from Clipboard"

Changes to BPQMail - Version to Version September 2016

Windows Version renumbered to match LinBPQ Version
Autoimport messages as Dummy Call, not SYSOP Call
Add "My Messages" display option to WebMail
Create .csv extract of User List during hourekeeping
Fix processing of NTS Alising of @ Addresses
Don't reroute Delivered NTS Messages
Add option to stop users killing T messages
Add multicast Receive
Fix initialising new message database format field
Fix "Forward Messages to BBS Call" option
Add Filter WP Bulls option and allow multiple WP "TO" addresses
Fix deleting P WP messages for other stations
Fix saving blank lines in forwarding config
Fix paging on L@ and l<
Fix removing DELETE from IMPORT XXX DELETE and allow multiple IMPORT lines in script
Run DeleteRedundantMessages before renumbering messages
Connect script now tries ELSE lines if prompt not received from remote BBS
Send connecting call instead of BBS Name when connecting to CMS server
Add BID filter to Manage Messages
Fix handling of over long suject lines in IMPORT
Allow comments before ELSE in connect script
Add Copy and Clear to Multicast Window
Fix possible duplicate messages with MBL forwarding
Set "Permit EMail" on IMPORT dummy User
Fix repeated running of housekeeping if clock is stepped forward
Fix corruption of CMS Pass field by Web interface
Kill B2 WP bulls if FilterWPBulls set
Include Message Type in BPQ B2 proposal extensions

Changes to BPQMail - Version to Version

Fix loading Housekeeping value for forwarded bulls.
Fix re-using Fwd script override in timer driven forwarding.
Add ampr.org mail handling
Add "Dont forward" match on TO address for NTS
Allow listing a combinatiom of state and type, such as LNT or LPF
Fix handling ISP messages from gmail without a '+'
Add basic WebMail support

Changes to BPQMail - Version to Version

Fix Message Type in messages from RMS Express to Internet
Reopen Monitor window if open when program last closed
Only apply NTS alias file to NTS Messages
Fix failure to store some encrypted ISP passwords
Allow EDITUSER to change "RMS Express User" flag
Fix reporting of Config File errors
Fix Finding MPS Messages to forward
Add "Save Attachment" to Web Mgmt Interface
Support Secure Signon on Forwarding sessions to CMS
Save Forwarding config when BBS flag on user is cleared
Pass internally generated SYSOP messages through routing process
Add POP3 TOP command.
Don't set 'T' messages to 'Y' when read.
Add optional temporary connect script on "FWD NOW" command.
Add automatic import facility
Accept RMS mail to BBS Call even if "Poll RMS" not set

Changes to BPQMail - Version to Version

Fix creating Bulls from RMS Express messages.
Fix Program Error if message with no To: received.
Fix setting "RMS Express User" flag on new connects from RMS Express
Fix deleting 'T' messages downloaded by RMS Express
Include MPS messages in count of messages to forward.
Add new Welcome Message variable $F for messages to forward
Fix setting Type in B2 header when usong NTS: or BULL:
Remove trailing spaces from BID when Creating Message from Clipboard.
Improved handling of FBB B1/B2 Restarts.

Changes to BPQMail - Version to Version

Add ZIP and Permit Bulls flag to Manage Users
Allow users to kill their own B and anyone to kill T messages
Improve saving of "Last Listed"
Fix LL when paging
Send Date Received in R: Line (should fix B2 message restarts)
Fix occasional crash in terminal part line processing
Add "SKIPCON" forwarding command to handle nodes that include "Connected" in their CTEXT
Fix possible retry loop when message is deferred (FBB '=' response)
Don't remove Attachments from received bulls.

Changes to BPQMail - Version to Version

Set Messages to NTS:nnnnn@NTSXX to type 'T' and remove NTS
Dont treat "Attempting downlink" as a failure
Add option to read messages during a list
Fix crash during message renumber on MAC
Timeout response to SID to try to avoid hang on an incomplete connection.
Save config in file instead of registry
Fix Manage Messages "EXPORT" option and check filename on EXPORT command
Fix reverse forward prompt in MBL mode.
Fix From address in POP3 messages where path is @winlink.org
Fix possible program error in T message procesing
Add MaxAge param (for incoming Bulls)

Changes to BPQMail - Version to Version

Fix security issue

Changes to BPQMail - Version to Version

Add FLARQ Mail Mode
Fix possible crash saving restart data
Add script command ADDLF for connect scripts over Telnet
Add recogniton of URONODE connected message
Add new config options - Don't Request Name and Don't Request HomeBBS
Add new RMS Express users with "RMS Express User" flag set
Validate HTML Pages
Add NTS swap file
Add basic File storage area with list and read functions

Changes to BPQMail - Version to Version

Change control of appending winlink.org to RMS Express or Paclink addresses to a user flag
Lookup HomeBBS and WP for calls without a via received from RMS Express or Paclink
Treat call@bpq as request to look up address in Home BBS/WP for messages received from RMS Express or Paclink
Collect stats by message type
Fix Non-Delivery notifications to SMTP messages
Add Message Type Stats to BBS Traffic Report
Add "Batch forward to email"
Add EXPORT command
Allow more BBS records
Allow lower case connect scripts
Fix POP3 LIST command
Fix MIME Multipart Alternate with first part Base64 or Quoted Printable encoding
Fix duplicates of SP SYSOP@WW Messages
Add command line option (tidymail) to delete redundant Mail files
Add command line option (nohomebbs) to suppress HomeBBS prompt

Changes to BPQMail - Version to Version

Change default IDLETIME
Fix display of BBS's in Web "Manage Messages"
Add separate housekeeping lifetimes for T messages
Don't change flag on forwarded or delivered messages if they sre subsequently read
Speed up processing, mainly to stop RMS Express timing out when connecting via Telnet
Don't append winlink.org to RMS Express or Paclink addresses if RMS is not configured
Fix receiving NTS messages via B2
Add option to send "Mail For", but not FBB Headers
Fix corruption caused with Subject longer than 60 bytes received from Winlink systems
Fix Endian bug in FBB Compression code

Changes to BPQMail - Version to Version

Set idle session timout to 5 minutes for users and 2 minutes when forwarding
Validate prompts
Add IDLETIME command to change Idle Session Timeout

Changes to BPQMail - Version to Version

Add option to remove users that have not connected for a long time.
Add l@ smtp command to list messages queued to the SMTP Server
Fix From: Address sent to POP3 Client when messages is from RMS
Display Email From Address on Manage Messages Dialog

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Chat has been removed from MailChat

Fix crash caused by receiving a corrupt WP update message.
Add configurable prompts and Signoff message
Fix KISS-Only Test
Send EHLO instead of HELO when Authentication is needed on SMTP session
Add option to use local time for bbs forwarding config
Allow comment lines (; or @) or single space in fwd scripts
Fix loss of forwarding info if SAVE is clicked before selecting a call
Add option to redirect messages addressed to the BBS Call to the SYSOP call
Add option to specify a route when sending mail via the ISP interface.
Add route from HOMEBBS or WP if none is specified when using ISP interface
Add Web-based management interface

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Fix crash caused by receiving a corrupt R: line.

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Fix size limit on B2 To List when sending to multiple dests
Fix initialisation of DIRMES.SYS control record
Allow use of Tracker and UZ7HO ports for UI messages

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Allow bulls to be sent from RMS Express. (Add Bull/ in front of address)
Handle Base64 and Quoted-printable encoding of single part SMTP messages
Work round for RMS Express "All proposals rejected" Bug

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

There is now a separate Chat program, BPQChat. Although the Chat part of MailChat is still supported in this version, I recommend changing to the separare program, as it appears to be more stable. Chat may be removed from MailChat in the next release

Fix forwarding to RMS Express users
Route messages received via B2 with an Internet email address as a TO address to RMS
Add Reverse Poll interval to forwarding configuration
Add full FROM address to POP3 messages. This should enable clients like Outlook Express to reply to a message
Include HOMEBBS command in Help

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Stop BBS setting Paclink mode on connects from SNOS systems
Remove creation of debugging file for each message
Add Message Export and Import functions
All printing of more than one message at a time
Add command to toggle "Expert" status

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Add Send Message (as well as Send from Clipboard) Menu Option
Fix Email From: Address when forwarding using B2
Send Chat Map reports via BPQ32.dll - MAP DUMMY is longer needed in AXIP config
Fix "Copy Output Window" Console Command

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Add option to flash window instead of sounding bell on Chat Connects
Add ShowRMS SYSOP command
Update WP with I records from R: lines
Send WP Updates
Fix Paclen on Pactor-like sessions
Fix SID and Prompt when RMS Express User is set
Try to stop loop in Program Error/Restarting code
Trap "UNABLE TO CONNECT" response in connect script
Add facility to print messages or save them to a text file

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Fix BaseDir comparison test when BaseDir ends with \ or /.
Fix handling of long BaseDir values (>50 chars).

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Extend B2 proposals to other BPQMail systems so Reject Filter will work.
Add Edit User Command. Allows some remote management of users. Type EU HELP for details
Registry config moved to HKEY_CURRENT_USER on systems running on VIsta or Win 7
Use internal Registry Save routine instead of Regedit. This gets round problems with saving the registry on Vista and Win 7.
Fix Start Forward/All
Allow FBB Compressed Upload/Download if PMS flag set (as well as BBS flag). Mainly for Winpack users.
Add FWD SYSOP command. Allows some remote management of forwarding. Type FWD HELP for details
Fix security on POLLRMS command.
Add AUTH command. This allows remote SYSOP access over RF links. See BPQAuth Documentation for details.
Leave selection in same place after Delete User.
Combine SMTP server messages to multiple WL2K addresses into one message to WL2K.
Add option to show name as well as call on Chat messages.
Fix program error if you try to define more than 80 BBS's.
Change "Mail For" Beacon configuration. If you specify a header, the words "Mail For" will not be added automatically.
Fix running under WINE.
Add NODE command, which returns the user to the node command handler.
Move BaseDir to standard location (Under BPQ32 Config Directory).

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Add POLLRMS command. See documentation.
Workaround for changes to RMS Express.
Fix AUTH bug in SMTP server.
Add filter to Edit Messages dialog.

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Fix error after handling first FBB block introduced in
Add $X and $x welcome message options.
Change L command not to list the last message if no new ones are available
Add LC I I@ IH IZ User commands, and Unhold SYSOP command. See BBS Commands for details.
Add option to send warning to sysop if forwarded P or T message has nowhere to go
Fixes for Winpack Compressed Download
Fix Houskeeping when "Apply Overrides to Unsent Bulls" is set.
Add copy/paste function to BBS and Chat Consoles.
Add "No Bulls" Option.
Add "Mail For" Beacon.
Tidied up Tab order in config dialogs to help text-to-speech programs.
Limit MaxMsgno to 99000.

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Add Size limits for P and T messages to MSGTYPES command
Fix Error in MBL processing when blank lines received (introduced in .33)
Trap possible Program Error when sending Chat Link Status uodates
Don't use paging on chat sessions
Old Held messages are now removed by Housekeeping

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Fix bug in holding old messages introduced in
Set maximum age to 30 days, even if BidLifeTime is longer.

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Allow "Send from Clipboard" to send to rms: or smtp:
Allow messages received via SMTP to be bulls (TO preceded by bull/) or NTS (to nnnnn@NTSXX or nnnnn@NTSXX.NTS)
Fix corruption of messages converted to B2 if body contains binary data
Fix occasional program error when forwarding B2 messages
Limit FBB protocol data blocks to 250 to try to fix restart problem.
Add F2 to F5 to open console and monitor windows.
Allow unused "Poll RMS for SSID" fields to be set to '-' to exclude the base call.

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Fix "Rerun Message Routing" option.
Flag bulls received by NNTP with $ if they need to be forwarded.
Add Chat Keepalive option.
Fix bug in non-delivery notification.

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Changes to Housekeeping - See Housekeeping Config. Housekeeping documentation has been improved.
   Allow Houskeeping Lifetime Overrides to apply to Unsent Messages.
   Add facility to send Non-delivery Notifications. Note this is enabled by default.

Fix F> loop when doing MBL forwarding between BPQ BBSes
Allow multiple To: addresses, separated by ;
Set Unforwarded Bulls to status '$'
Accept MARS and USA as continent codes for MARS Packet Addresses
Add option to BBS connect script to control the types of messages and size of bulls to be sent in that session.

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Add "Save Registry Config" command to "Actions" menu
Add option to save Registry Config during Housekeeping
Add facilites for handling NTS messages - see here for details
Add option to force text mode forwarding
Define new users as a temporary BBS if SID received in reply to Name prompt
Reduce delay before sending close after sending FQ on pactor sessions
Fix processing of MIME boundary from GMail
Send /ex instead of ctrl/z for text mode forwarding
Send [WL2K-BPQ... SID if user flagged as RMS Express
Fix Chat Map reporting when more than one AXIP port is defined
Forward messages in priority order - T, P, B
Add Reject and Hold Filters

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Add duplicate message supression to Chat
When building B2 From: address, only send callsign for messages going to RMS

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Remove prompt after receiving unrecognised line in MBL mode. (for MSYS)
Fix receiving multiple messages in FBB Uncompressed Mode
Try to trap phantom chat node connections
Add delay to close, to give Chat Disconnect message time to be sent
Add "Send SYSTEM messages to SYSOP Call" Option
Set fwd bit on local winlink.org msgs if user is a BBS. Allows messages to be retrieved via Airmail
Add winlink.org to from address of messages from WL2K that don't already have an @
Build a B2 From: address if possible, so RMS Express can reply to packet messages.
Fix handling of addresses from WL2K with SSID's
L@ now only matches up to length of input string.
Remove "Type H for help" from BBS login prompt.
Process FBB 'E' response
Handle FROM addresses with an @BBS
Fix FROM addresses with @ on end.
Extend delay before close after sending FQ on Winmor/Pactor sessions, so FQ gets to far end.
Added an "Expert Mode" Welcome message, which defaults to empty.

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Suppress display and listing of held messages to normal users

Add option to exclude SYSOP messages from LM, KM, etc

Fix crash when receiving messages with long lines via plain text forwarding

Route P messages on AT

Allow use of application numbers above 8

Fix processing of POP3 addresses of form "John Wiseman "

Trap "Error - TNC Not Ready" in forward script response

Fix restart after program error

Add INFO command

Add SYSOP-configurable HELP Text. See here for details

Trap possible program error while closing log file.

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Fix error in handling smtp: messages to winlink.org addresses from Airmail

Fix Badwords processing

Add Connect Script PAUSE command.

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Disable Paging on forwarding sessions.

Kill Msgs sent to RMS Express

Add Name to Chat *** Joined msg

Pass smtp:winlink.org messages from Airmail to local user check

Only apply local user check to RMS: messages @winlink.org

Check locally input smtp: messages for local winlink.org users

Provide facility to allow only one connect on a port

Only reset last listed on L or LR commands.

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Add @winlink.org to the B2 From addresss if it is just a callsign

Route Flood Bulls on TO as well as AT

Handle Packet Addresses from RMS Express.

Fix for Housekeeping B$ messages. The "Forwarded" age was used instead of the "Not Forwarded" age

Remove B2 header from B2 messages sent via MBL forwarding.

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Changes to the mechanism for polling RMS Servers. Details.

Add ELSE Option and SKIPPROMPT command to connect scripts. Details

Add colours to chat, so input from each user is shown in a different colour..

New /C chat command to toggle colour on or off.

Fix possible crash/corruption with long B2 messages

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Fixes for smtp and lower case packet addresses from Airmail

Fix missing > prompt after sending NO - BID.

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Various changes to enable forwarding to/from paclink. See here for details.

Support messages with attachments. See here for details.

Add inactivity timeout to Chat Console sessions.

Fix multiple transfers per session for B2.

Add option to forward messages on arrival.

Disable Restart in transfers to/from RMS and paclink.

Fix for forwarding from RMS Express

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Accept smtp: addresses from smtp client, and route to ISP gateway.

Set FROM address of messages from RMS that are delivered to smtp client so a reply will go back via RMS.

Improve display of rms and smtp messages in message lists and message display.

Correct code that prevents mail being retured to originating BBS.

Tidy stuck Nodes and Topics when all links close.

Fix B2 handling of @ in the TO Address.

Ensure user Record for the BBS Call has BBS bit set.

Don't send messages addressed @winlink.org if addressee is a local user with Poll RMS set. Otherwise the message will be rejected with a duplicate BID when returned from RMS.

Add user configurable welcome messages.

Add AUTH feature to Rig Control to allow freqency control of remote installations.

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Correct Chat Version processing when user connects via the network

Add time controlled forwarding scripts

Improvements to forwarding from/to Winlink 2000
(See here for details)

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Fix detection of misconfigured nodes to work with new nodes.

Limit connection attempt rate when a chat node is unavailable.

Fix Program Error on long input lines (> ~250 chars).

Fix Restart of B2 mode transfers.

Fix error if other end offers B1 and you are configured for B2 only.

Fix Paging in Chat Mode.

Report Node Versions in Chat /k output.

Check node is not already known when processing OK response to *RTL during Chat Link seup

Add option to suppress emailing of housekeeping results

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

Fix Chat ApplCall warning when ChatAppl = 0


Fix MBL Forwarding (remove extra > prompt after SP)

Fix Chat Mode topic switch code.

Send SYSOP messages on POP3 interface if user's SYSOP flag is set

NNTP only needs Authentication for posting, not reading.

Forwarding could stop after housekeeping.

The parsing of Hierarchical addresses didn't always work as intended. If you've had trouble getting personals to go where you expected, this could be the cause.

Fix program error if WP record has unexpected format.

Connect Script changes for WINMOR. (The WINMOR interface module is written, but I'm waiting for the standalone implementation of the WINMOR protocol to be released before I can finish testing it).

Fix typo in Chat "unconfigured node has connected" message.

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

The program would try to send a Chat Status report even if there were no Chat Links defined, and Chat wasn't configured. This would cause a program error, and prevent the configuration being saved correctly.

Disable Chat Mode if there is no ApplCall for ChatApplNum. The call used by Chat is obtained from the APPLnCALL paramter. If this was missing, Chat would try to run with a blank callsign.

Add Edit Message to Manage Messages Dialog

The NNTP Server now requires authentication.

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version to Version

This version has the new forwarding code. There are some pretty fundamental changes here, so I suggest you back up your BPQMailChat registry tree before you install this version, in case you want to revert. Please carefully read this document before installing. However, the critical changes are:

Separate Hierarchical Addreses lists for Bulls and Personals.

Hierarchical addreses are matched differently.

Bulls are no longer forwarded on the TO field.

Private Messages are no longer forwarded on the AT field (except for the Implied AT for the call you are forwarding to).

Bulls will only be distributed within their target area, but can be forwarded into their target area.

If you are unhappy with any of these changes, don't run this version!

The software will disable network access (by Setting BBS Streams to zero) when it is first run. This gives you the opporrtunity to change your forward setup before the first message arrives.

Other changes in this version are;


Seveeral fixes to improve stability of Chat system.

Fix incorrect sending of NO - BID.

Fix problems caused by a user being connected to more than one chat node.

Show idle time on Chat /u display.

Add "Bad Words" Test. File badwords.sys is a list of words or phrases, one per line.
A message will be held if any of the words or phrases appear
in the title or message body.

Add reason for holding to SYSOP "Message Held" Message.

Make chat topics case-insensitive.

Allow SR for smtp mail.

Try to fix some user's "Add User" problem.

Fix program error when prcessing - (refuse Message) response in FBB forwarding.

Fix code to flag messages as sent.

Fix loop if compressed size is greater than 32K when receiving with B1 protocol.

Fix selection of B1 protocol

Add "KISS ONLY" Flag to R: Lines (Needs Node Version 4.10.12 (4.10l) or above)

Add Basic NNTP Interface for reading and sending Bulls.

Fix possible loop in lzhuf encode (used by compressed FBB forwarding)

Stop orwarding of Held or Killed Messages

Add Chat Node Monitoring System.

Restart and Exit if too many program errors

Fix Forwarding to PaKet BBS software.

Fix problem if BBS signon contains words from the "Fail" list.

Add last message to edit users

Don't flag msg as 'Y' on read if it was Held or Killed.

Don't connect if all messages for a BBS are held.

Hold message if From or To are missing.

Fix parsing of chat /n and /q commands.

Fix possible loop on changing name or qth.

Added additional console for chat.

Changes to BPQMailChat - Version


Chat seems much more stable with this version, but it contains extra logging to help track down any remaining problems.

Most SYSOP commands can now be placed in the Forward Scrpt. This is mainly for HF forwarding. e.g.:

PACLEN 80 PACLEN is a user level command - doesnt need SYSOP status
PASSWORD (the word PASSWORD, not a password! causes immediate entry to SYSOP Mode if entered locally
FRACK 4 30 Frack is in units of 1/3 secs.

Note that PACLEN only changes the values for the current session. Tho others stay as set.

FBB Binary Forwarding mode B1 is now supported. This includes Resume, although I can't get Resume to work to FBB.
It works fine FBB-BPQ and BPQ-BPQ.

The Max FBB forwarding Block Size is now set per BBS.

An option to hold messages from a user has been added. This is the default for new users.

A crash which occured if Housekeeping Overrides were entered without the ,Value has been fixed.

Messages are written to the Monitor and Log if a Chat Node-Node session is refused.

The Actions/Start Forwarding list is sorted by callsign.

Errors reported by the "C" Runtime Libraries are now trapped and witten to the Monitor and Debug file.
The program is now much less likely to crash, but keep an eye on the Monitor - things could be going horribly
wrong without it being obvious.

Housekeeping is now run at startup if the system was down at the last housekeeping time.

Adds the defined links to the /p display, so you can easily check that the station you are trying to link
to has you defined as a node.

Sends messages if available after rejecting all proposals. It used to just send FF.

Don't try to send msg back to originator. It used to try - the message was rejected on the BID, but it was a waste of time.

Fix timeband processing when none specified. It should default to 0000-2359.

Improved Chat Help display.

Add helpful responses to /n /q and /t. It was easy to accidentally delete name or qth, and not realise it.

Kill Personal WP messages after processing.

Add command recall to Console. Cursor Up/Down scrolls through last 20 commands entered.

Show users in new topic when changing topic.

Add "Send From Clipboard" Action

Hold messages from the future, or with invalid dates.

Add KH (kill held) command.

Send Message to SYSOP when a new user connects.

Don't reject personal message on Duplicate BID unless we already have an unforwarded copy.

Hold Looping messages.

Warn SYSOP of held messages.

Close connecton on receipt of *** DONE (MBL stype forwarding).

Improved validation in link_drop (Chat Mode).

Change to prompts and Msg Header for Outpost.

Fix Connect Script processing for KA Nodes.