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Multicast Support

BPQMail includes a facility to receive Multicast transmissions ftom FLAMP. As FLAMP is primarily a file transfer program rather than a messages forwarding system received file as saved in a direcotry MCAST under your Mail folder, but if the contents look like a BBS export file it will be imported into the BBS.

The multicast protocol could run over any radio port, but as FLAMP only works in conjunction with FLDIGI, you need to define a FLDIGI port to BPQ. It should be configured to use ARQ mode, not KISS mode. See here for how to configure a FLDIGI port.

The system uses a BBS called MCAST. Create a User MCAST, and flag as a BBS. Add a connect script to connect to your FLDIGI port, select the modem and radio frequency if needed, and enable Multicast reception for a specified period. The script can be manually initiated or set to run at specific times using the forward script TIMES command. For example


This would listen for multicast transmissions for 60 minutes. If you have rig control configured you can also include a RADIO command (before the MCASTRX) to set the frequency to listen on. You can open the Multicast Status Window from the BBS Windows menu. You need to update both BPQMail.exe and BPQ32.dll As I mentioned in a previous post, received messages are saved as files (in folder MCAST under your Mail folder), but if they look like a BBS Export file the contents will be imported to the BBS.

The BBS log of a typical Mucticast session should look something like this:

160331 10:14:23 |MCAST     Connecting to BBS MCAST
160331 10:14:23 MCAST     att 9
160331 10:14:23 MCAST     modem bpsk1000
160331 10:14:26 MCAST     MCAST
160331 10:14:32 {0D4F}FLAMP 2.2.03
160331 10:14:58 {0D4F}20160331101355:Export.out
160331 10:14:58 {0D4F}GM8BPQ-2 Skigersta
160331 10:14:59 {0D4F}333 6 64
160331 10:15:00 {0D4F:1}[b64:start]AUxaTUEAAANJXQAAAAQAKZQABDHHfQxURTaHlVWjBN1B7rOrN/4FR
160331 10:15:00 {0D4F:2}6KZQ6SXW90KR3RzLdqTMU7mA97Y6JMmthh7+WCVVjtUgjjcGJSGW8JrY/bKyMmZD
160331 10:15:01 {0D4F:3}uGc8345UQuOTTcm6KRQ4muJRSAKkit73CUh9LOuz+ykCPr4c+oOAvOECb2SjPmlb
160331 10:15:02 {0D4F:4}lFpOVJX/kzwfNJwfrGREbHZyutdRVet+rsS/ADg0oo3Q2sJDlCKz2HYA3Xze7EZd
160331 10:15:03 {0D4F:5}VGKebDH85aJxdHfbR3Gp/cEWl0ZHSd9wAGn9PI6R+MjrzaCNGlHEaI5T0Cb3tcJI
160331 10:15:03 {0D4F:6}QA=[b64:end]
160331 10:21:04 >IMPORT    SP SYSOP < SYSTEM $2395_G8BPQ
160331 10:21:21 >IMPORT    NO - BID
160331 10:21:21 >IMPORT    >
160331 10:21:33 {0D4F:EOF}
160331 10:21:33 {0D4F:EOT}