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Interfacing AMPRNet Mail with BPQMail

PRELIMINARY - Subject to change

Acceping ampr.org mail

BPQMail can now accept mail addressed to an ampr.org address as well as the normal packet address. So mail can be addressed to (for example) g8bpq@g8bpq.#23.gbr.eu or g8bpq@g8bpq.ampr.org. The ampr.org address is set in the main configuration screen "AMPR Address" field. Any mail received for this address will be kept on the bba. If you don't specify an AMPR address, the mail would be treated the same as normal Internet mail and sent out over the RMS or ISP Gateway interfaces.

This feature would normally be used in conjunction with the BPQ32 IPGATEWAY feature to give access to AMPRNET, but that isn't essential.

AMPR mail is normally sent using SMTP, usually without authentication. The BPQMail SMTP server normally requires authentication, but if a connection is from an Internet address starting with 44 and has ampr.org addresses in both the sender and receiver fields it now accepts unauthenticated sessions.

Forwarding ampr.org mail

If "Send ampr.org mail to AMPR host" is checked, mail addressed to any other ampr.org address will be sent directly to th target host. Without this, any such mail woild be treated as normal Internet mail.

The system uses a BBS called "AMPR" to queue AMPR mail. This BBS will be created if it doesn't exist, but some forwarding configuration is needed. Something like

John Wiseman GM8BPQ/G8BPQ
September 2015