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Changes to facilitate interworking with Winlink.

Handling messages with Attachments.

The BBS software has been modified to support messages with attachments. Messages with attachments can be sent to and received from Winlink via the RMS interface, or via the SMTP client or ISP interfaces. They can also be forwarded between BPQ BBS's, provided B2 forwarding is enabled. Plain text attachments will be shown as part of the message to those reading messages on the BBS, but binary attachment will not be accessible. However, the sysop has an option to save attachments, via the Configuration/Manage Messages/Edit Text option.

If a message with attachments is forwarded without using the B2 protocol, all attachments will be lost.

Paclink Interface

Messages can be forwarded between the BBS and Paclink. Messages from Paclink addressed to winlink.org or external email addresses will be handled via the RMS interfaces. Messages sent to BBS addresses will be forwarded using the normal BBS rules. When Paclink polls the BBS, all unread messages for BBS users with accounts defined in Paclink will be downloaded. The messages don't have to be flagged to be forwarded to the Paclink call. But be aware that to the winlink system the ssid is significant, so g8bpq and g8bpq-1 are different accounts. Accounts on Packet BBS systems do not differentiate between ssid's.