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Recent changes to BPQ32 Node Support Program

AGWPE Emulator for BPQ32

July 2017
  Program withdrawn - functionality is now in AGWPE Emulator in bpq32.dll


Version June 2022
  Fix Beep or Popup on Message RX
  Switch to my map servers

Version September 2019
  Move support for APRS messaging in Node

Version January 2019
  Add option to set IS filter to map view when view is changed

Version February 2018
   Add option to show distances in KM

Version July 2017
   Add  messaging  to web server

Version September 2016
    Switch to Thunderforest tile server

Version November 2014
   Add Track Expire Time to config

Version August 2014
   Fix sending messages to unknown callsigns

Version April 2014
   Internal Changes

Version January 2014
   Add WX decode to station popup

Version July 2013
 Bug Fixes

Version March 2013
 Bug Fixes

Version August 2012
   Handle programs that treats message seq as a number, not a text field
   Fix excessive CPU if map is minimized while Create jpeg Image is enabled
   Add Clear Msgs option


Version 0.1.0 October 2011
   New program to generate passcodes for secure SYSOP access to BPQMailChat over a radio link.


Version February 2015
   Changed to use new API in bpq32.dll


July 2017
  Program withdrawn - functionality is now in TNC Emulators in bpq32.dll


Version May 2023/b>
   Changes for compatibility with 63 port BPQ32

Version September 2019
   Recompiled for compatibility with latest node

Version October 2015
   Include port names in monitor menu

Version February 2015
   Remove "Enable Chat" option

Version November 2014
   Fix possible crash on processing part line

Version 2.1.2 January 2012
   Call CloseBPQ32 on exit
   Fix ClearOutputWindow Command
   Save MonitorNodes flag

Version 2.1.1 October 2011
   Add Copy/Paste capability to output window.
   Add Font Selection
   Add Command to reset Monitor/Output window split
   Updated to use HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry key on Vista or Win7

Version 2.0.10 November 2010
   Add "Chat Terminal Mode" option. This sends keeplive messages every few minutes so chat seesions don't time out.

Version 2.0.9 March 2010
   Add colour for monitor and BPQ Chat

Version 2.0.8 December 2009
   Fix use of numeric keypad 2 and 8 (were treated as up and down)

Version 2.0.7 October 2009
   Add input buffer scrollback.
   Fix monitoring when PORTNUM specified

Version 2.0.6 June 2009
   Add Option to send *** Disconnnected on disconnect
   Add line wrap code
   Add option not to monitor NODES broadcasts

Version 2.0.5 January 2009
   Add Start Minimized Option

Version 2.0.4 November 2008
   Add option to remove a Line Feed following a CR
   Add Logging Option

Version 2.0.3 July 2008
   Display lines received without a terminaing CR

Version 2.0.2 January 2008
   Restore Checked state of Bells and AutoConnect Flags
   Call CheckTimer on startup (for new Initialisation Scheme for perl)

Version 2.0.1 November 2007
   Change resizing algorithm


Version August 2023
   Support Monitoring 63 ports

Version April 2018
   Add YAPP File Transfer

Version February 2018
   Allow use of IPV6 even if host resolves to both V4 and V6 addresses (add IPV6: on front of hostname)
   Add Listen Mode
   Only send UTF-8 option if send in UTF-8 is set
   Drop received Keepalive packets

Version July 2017
   Add popup if  keywords file can't be opened

Version September 2016
   Fix buffer overrun introduced in
   Fix saving Alert and Keyword filenames

Version November 2015
   Include port names in monitor menu

Version February 2015
   Add "Alert after interval" option
   Fix "Copy to Clipboard"

Version November 2014
   Fix possible crash on processing part line

Version August 2014
   Add facility to sound an alert when certain words or phrases are received.

Version October 2013

Version October 2013
   Send Connect Failed prompt after setting terminal status
   Allow 16 stored sessions
   Save host setup when changed instead of on exit

Version March 2013
   Allow 8 stored sessions

Version June 2012
   Add Monitor only UNPROTO frames option

Version October 2011
   Supports IPv6
   Fix running under WINE

Version 1.0.2 April 2011
   Allow selection of Font, Code Page and Character Set

Version 1.0.0 February 2011
   First Release.


February 2015
  Program withdrawn - functionality is now in bpq32.dll


October 2010
TelnetServer is now part of BPQ32.dll. See here for details. BPQTelnetSerer.exe is withdrawn


April 2014
  Program withdrawn - functionality is now inbpq32.dll


Version 1. 0. 3. 2 February 2020
   Add passthrough of Rigcontol commands

Version 1.0.1 July 2013
   New program to Start/Stop a WINMOR TNC running on a remote PC