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Basic Operation

BPQ32 (and LinBPQ) can use a software TNC (WINMOR, ARDOP, UZ7HO, VARA, etc) running on a different machine to the Node. WinmorControl allows the Node to start and stop the TNC. It is run on the same machine as the TNC. It listens for commands on UDP port 8500 and creates a window where received commands are displayed. See the documentation for the TNC driver for information on how to configure the node to use this program.


Rigcontrol CAT/CI-V Commands can also be passed to the remote machine. Run WinmorControl with a parameter of COM port and Speed, eg

WinmorControl COM3:19200

In the RigControl Configuration replace the COM port and Speed with REMOTE Addr:Port, eg

Remote ICOM IC7100 88

John Wiseman G8BPQ
July 2013 Updated January 2021