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BPQTerminal is a simple terminal providing access to a BPQ32 node running on the same machine. A similar program, BPQTermTCP, allows remote access to a bpq32 node over the Internet.

Window Structure

There are three text areas.. The whole display can be resized in the normal way by dragging the borders. The split between the Monitor and Output windows can be changed by dragging the bar between the windows.

Monitor Window

The top is the Monitor window, which displays in a decoded form messages sent and received by the node.

Output Window

The second is the interactive window, which displays responses to messages entered into the third window. You can Copy/Paste from this window.

The Input window

Where you type. If the output window has been scrolled back, the background of the input window is changed to grey, as a reminder that new output will not be be displayed.

Menu Options



Connect to Node.


Disconnect from node.

Reset Window Split

Resets the Monitor/Output split. Use if the split bar has been moved off the screen


Monitor TX

Enables monitoring of transmitted frames.

Monitor Supervisory

Selects whether to monitor supervisory frames, or just I frames.

Monitor NODES

Contols whether "NODES" broadcasts are displayed.

Enable Colour

Causes sent and received messages to be displayed in different colours.

Port n

Enables monitoring of activity on Radio Port n.



Set Font characteristics

Auto Connect

Automatically connect to the node when a command is entered into the input window.

Enable Bells

Causes the program to sound a tone when a "Bell" character is received.

Enable Chat

Sets APPLMASK to 2. This means that if someone connects to your node, and issues a "C" commnad, they will be connected to this window (provided it is not already connected)

Strip Linefeeds

Removes Line Feeds. Most packet programs just use Carriage Return (Ascii 0x0d) to mark the end of a line, but some use Carriage Return plus Line Feed.

Log Monitor

Caused text written to the monitor window to be logged to a file. Note this option is not saved when the program is closed.

Log Output

Caused text written to the output window to be logged to a file. Note this option is not saved when the program is closed.

Send Disconnected

Causes *** Disconnected to be dislayed when a session closes

Chat Terminal Mode

Causes a "Keep alive" message to be sent every 11 minutes to stop Chat sessions closing.


Copy Monitor Window

Copies the contents of Monitor window to the clipboard.

Copy Output Window

Copies the contents of Output window to the clipboard.

Clear Monitor Window

Clear the Monitor window.

Clear OutputWindow

Clear theOutput window.

Command Line Options Options

Configuration BPQTerminal saves it's configuration (Window sizes and positions, Monitoring Options, etc) when it closes, and restores them on load. It is possible to have several different configurations, perhaps one for monitoring only and one for interactive use, or for monitoring different ports. The default is session zero. Examples: BPQTerminal.exe 2

John Wiseman G8BPQ
August 2011