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2015-09-06Added republication: The Party System, by Hilaire Belloc & Cecil Chesterton (also as e-book).
2015-09-05Added The Plane Truth, by Bob Schadewald (history of the flat-earth movement; also as e-book).
2015-09-05Started adding downloadable e-books in AZW3 and EPUB formats.
2014-07-23Added The Linear Dream, by Bob Forrest (essay on ley statistics).
2014-07-23Added Notes on the Furness formula, with republication of articles by Menzel and Furness.
2014-05-29Added republication: Great Pyramid Speculation Folio, by various authors.
2013-10-31Added republication: “Living leys or laying the lies?” by Aubrey Burl & John Michell.
2013-05-19Added three items to ley statistics section
2012-12-21Added republication: “Heilige Linien” / “Holy Lines”, by Wilhelm Teudt.
2012-12-05Added republication: “Mysteries of Ancient Man”, by Arthur Lawton.
2012-10-25Added republication: The Ulro Chronicle and Bugle (spoof newsletter, ed. Bob Forrest).
2012-09-13Added republication: The Hill Figures of England by W. M. F. Petrie.
2012-08-12Added republication: The Middlesex District in Roman Times: Part II by Montagu Sharpe
2012-07-31Added maze snippet: Plan of stone labyrinth from Rudbeck’s Atlantica
2012-07-24Added republication: Two articles on lows in the High Peak by T. Arthur Matthews.
2012-07-24Added republication: “Ueber labyrinth-förmige Steinsetzungen im Russischen Norden” by K.E. von Baer,
 with translation: “On labyrinth-shaped stone layouts in the Russian North”.
2012-07-05Added republications: European Troytowns (4 papers on mazes, with emphasis on Germany).
2012-06-30Extended recent changes of style to all the republications.
2012-05-18Added republication: “Mount Elbruz: A chapter in Nazi geomancy” by Nigel Pennick.
2012-05-16Added republication: Neolithic Dew-ponds and Cattle-ways by A.J. Hubbard and G. Hubbard.
2012-05-16Added republication: “Some dew-ponds in Dorset” by Alfred Pope.
2012-04-07Added republications: German geomantic works by Josef Heinsch and Kurt Gerlach.
2012-01-19 Added republication: F. Magnusen, “On the ancient Scandinavians’ division of the times of the day”.
  Added republication: O. S. Reuter, “Der Himmel über den Germanen” / “Skylore of the North”.
  Added republications of articles on maze mathematics.
  In latest republications, new method for popups: uses only CSS, not Javascript.
  In latest republications, active note is highlighted (does not work in IE8 and earlier).
2011-10-02Added to map formulae: Alternative formulae for the Transverse Mercator projection.
2011-08-30Added republication: John Tatam Stanesby, “Railways”.
2011-06-26Added short republication: C. P. T., “A Lincolnshire Dialogue”.
2011-06-08Added republication: M. C. Balfour, “Legends of the Lincolnshire Cars”.
2011-05-13Added search boxes to home page, republications, and Watkins cuttings.
2011-05-02Added large project (800+ files): Alfred Watkins’s cuttings book.
2011-04-14Added republication: Two papers by Arthur Gray, “On the late survival of a Celtic population in East Anglia” and “On the Wandlebury legend”.
2011-04-14Added items to Watkins miscellany: “Logical sizes for [photographic] plates” and Lecture to Royal Photographic Society on early British trackways.
2011-02-28Added republication: Reminiscences of Bateman Brown, J.P. [Huntingdon / St Ives interest]
2011-01-27Fixed a technical error (HTML numeric entities) affecting non-Windows systems
2011-01-03Added republication: J. B. P. Karslake, “On Coldharbours”.
2010-12-12Added republication: William Matthews, “The Lincolnshire dialect in the eighteenth century”.
2010-12-10Added items to Watkins miscellany: “Seasonal Place-names” and Obituary.
 Added Comments by Bob Forrest to Undercurrents computer study of Land’s End.
2010-11-19Added republication: O. G. S. Crawford, “Place-names”.
2010-11-13Started family pages with material about Ralph Behrend (1916–2010).
2010-11-13Added republication: A. L. Lewis, Selected papers on stone circles, etc.
2010-11-13Added republication: James Garden, “On the circular monuments in Scotland”.
2010-11-13Added republication: Alfred Watkins, “Arthur’s Stone”.
2010-11-13Trying new format for footnotes in two of the Lewis republications.
2010-10-03Added republication: Joseph Houghton Spencer, “Ancient trackways in England”.
2010-10-03Added republication: Bob Forrest & Michael Behrend, “The Devil’s Arrows on target” [computer study].
2010-09-28Added republication: Pat Gadsby & Chris Hutton-Squire, “A computer study of the megalithic alignments of Land’s End”.
2010-09-19Started section on algorithms.
2010-09-19Added links to some articles in The Essex Naturalist.
2010-09-19Added some republications on ley statistics.
2010-07-05Added republication: Boyle Somerville, “Instances of orientation in prehistoric monuments of the British Isles”.
2010-06-30Added republication: Bob Forrest & Michael Behrend, The Coldrum Ley: chance or design?
2010-06-28Moved this website to cantab.net. UKU site will be kept for now but not updated.
2010-06-14Added republication: An Alfred Watkins miscellany
 Added republication: T. F. G. Dexter, The Sacred Stone.
2010-06-04Added republication: Some old Meggies: Cleethorpes Directory for 1880, etc.
2010-05-30Added republication: T. F. G. Dexter, The Pagan Origin of Fairs.
2010-05-16Added republication: Jabez Good, A Glossary of Words, &c., Current in East Lincolnshire.
2010-05-03Added republication: C. Ernest Watson, A History of Clee and the Thorpes of Clee.
2010-04-28Added republication: W. W. Skeat (ed.), The Lay of Havelok the Dane.
2010-04-18Added republication: Joseph Beldam, The Origin and Use of the Royston Cave.
 Added republication: E. Gebauer, „Felsenbilder am Bürgstein in Böhmen” (German only at present).
2010-03-12Minor bug fixes. Corrected Ilford Hospital dedication in Kimmis.
 Some tables in Dutt and Kimmis showing too large on some PCs, why?
2010-03-10Added republication: Jim Kimmis, Essex Church Dedications.
 Slight rearrangement of main and repubs index pages.
2010-02-25Added republication: F. C. Tyler, The Geometrical Arrangement of Ancient Sites.
2010-02-24Added republication: W. A. Dutt, The Ancient Mark-stones of East Anglia.
2009-11-30Added republication: C. W. Dymond, “The Hurlers”.
2009-11-22Fixed broken links to Trollope text.
 Started this log page.
2009-11-21Website thought ready to be announced.