W[illiam] A[lfred] Dutt, The Ancient Mark-stones of East Anglia

Flood & Son, Lowestoft, 1926.

This scarce booklet is really an essay on markstones in general, very much of its period. There is a bias towards East Anglia in the examples, but the author does not attempt a systematic survey of markstones in the region.

For more about alignments in East Anglia, see the papers by R. C. Dunt and Herbert Hudson on this Web site.

Since the text is too long to fit conveniently on a single Web page, it is here divided into sections as shown below.

The digitized version contains the following Web pages:

Web § 1: [Introduction]
Norfolk and Suffolk megaliths
Glacial boulders
Web § 2: Christianity versus paganism
Preservation of pagan stones
Some East Anglian boulders
Sacrificial stones
Boundary stones
Web § 3: Magical properties
Holed megaliths
Ritual dancing
Alignment of ancient stones
Web § 4: Survival in folk-memory
The megalithic culture
The earlier the higher culture
Enduring nature-worship
Front cover
Title page, signed by the author
“Druid’s Stone”, Bungay (drawing on front cover)
“Druid’s Stone”, Bungay (photo facing page 4)
Boulder outside Beccles churchyard (photo facing page 4)
Stockton Stone (drawing facing page 17)