About the republications

Updated 30 June 2012. Changes are highlighted.

This website does not show images of the original pages. Instead, it shows text generated from the original by OCR (optical character recognition). The font for most of the republications is Georgia, as on this page. In most browsers, press CTRL + to enlarge the text and CTRL - to reduce it.

The icon Arrow indicating an external link indicates a link to another website (external link). On this website, external links do not automatically open in a new window.* To open any link in a new tab or window, hold the CTRL key down while clicking the link.

* There is some controversy on the Web about this practice. I accept the arguments that it is a bad idea.

Images (illustrations, maps, etc.) are mostly not included with the text, but can be downloaded individually by clicking a link.

The icon Eye indicating a link to an image indicates a link to an image.

The use of cookies to determine how images are displayed has been dropped.

All commonly-used browsers allow you to open an image, or any other link, in a new tab or window by holding the CTRL key down while clicking the link.

On this website, provided JavaScript is enabled in your browser, you can also open an image in a new window by holding the SHIFT key down while clicking the link. In this case the window size will be adjusted to fit the image, so that the image can be viewed without obscuring all of the text.*

* This feature is unfortunately rather flaky at the moment, owing to vagaries (bugs?) in the way different browsers implement JavaScript. In Opera (version 11.64) I haven’t yet got it to work at all.

The text reproduces the original as closely as possible, with no correction of factual or printing errors. A few notes and errata have been added where they might be helpful, but obvious misprints etc. have been ignored.

Notes are indicated by highlighting a word or phrase in this colourExample of a note.
Errata are highlighted like this: KatherineKatharine Maltwood.
To view the note or erratum, hover the cursor over the highlight.

The note or erratum now appears in a popup at the top left of the screen, and in the same font as the main text.

Numbers like this {23} show page numbers in the original text. The same style, e.g. {Fig. 1}, is used to show the position of figures etc. in the original.

The republications have been tested with the following Web browsers: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Netscape Navigator 9, and Google Chrome.