Alfred Lionel Lewis, Selected papers on stone circles, etc. (1879–1906)

A. L. Lewis, a chartered accountant by profession, published many papers on megalithic monuments. The selection on this Web site may be added to from time to time.

For more information about Lewis, see the obituary republished here.

The digitized version contains the following Web pages:

The “Devil’s Arrows”, Yorkshire (1879)
Stone circles near Aberdeen (1888)
Stone circles of Britain (1892)
Prehistoric remains in Cornwall: Part 1 – East Cornwall (1896)
Prehistoric remains in Cornwall: Part 2 – West Cornwall (1906)
Ancient measures in pre-historic monuments (1898)
(Devil’s Arrows) Plan of remaining and formerly existing stones
(Aberdeen) Plate III: Sketches and plans of “altar stones” in Scotch circles
(Cornwall Part 1) Plate I: Plan of “King Arthur’s Hall” near St. Breward
(Cornwall Part 1) Plate II: View and plan of Stannon circle
(Cornwall Part 1) Sketch plan of circles and hills on Bodmin Moors
(Cornwall Part 2) Map of West Cornwall, showing positions of the prehistoric remains
(Cornwall Part 2) “Dance Maen,” looking north
(Ancient measures) Plate XIII (upper): Plan of Stanton Drew megaliths
(Ancient measures) Plate XIII (lower): Plan of Merrivale megaliths
E. Brabrook, Obituary of Alfred Lionel Lewis (1920)
Links to details of the 12 sites pictured in “Stone circles near Aberdeen’