C. W. Dymond, “The Hurlers” [stone circles]

Journal of the British Archaeological Association, 35, 297–307 (1879)

This companion to Dymond’s paper on Stanton Drew was republished by the Institute of Geomantic Research in 1977 as Occasional Paper #8. (The Stanton Drew paper was republished by the IGR in British Geomantic Pioneers.)

To avoid breaking up the text, the footnotes have been collected into a separate page. In the original, the footnote indicators are superscript single digits. To make them easier to click, they are here placed on the line in the format [297.1] for footnote 1 on page 297.

The digitized version contains the following Web pages:

Main text
Overall plan of The Hurlers
Plan of north circle
Plan of middle circle
Plan of south circle
Plan of outlying stones
Tables of information