Jim Kimmis, Essex Church Dedications

Essex Landscape Mysteries, Blackheath, Colchester, 1981.

“An index with notes on distribution and on the calendar of saints’ days. Illustrated with 8 maps.”
The scanned copy contains a loose sheet of amendments, which, with a few others, have been made in this Web version.

This Web version adds an alphabetical list of parishes for reference and for downloading. To make it easier to extract data after downloading, the format is plain text rather than HTML. In the list, saints’ names in a joint dedication are separated by a + sign (note that Jim Kimmis does not regard “St. Peter and St. Paul” and “St. Michael and All Angels” as joint dedications).

Jim Kimmis (1954–2006) was well known in the field of Earth Mysteries. He did not claim copyright in this publication.

The digitized version contains the following Web pages:

Front cover (as text)
Essex church dedications: introduction
Distributions and origins
The calendar of saints’ days
Amendments by Bernard Gowing, September 1981
Front cover (original)
Maps 1–4: All Saints, St. Peter (& St. Paul), St. Michael, St. Nicholas
Maps 5–8: St. Mary the Virgin, St. Andrew, St. Margaret, St. John the Baptist
Amendments by Michael Behrend, March 2010
Alphabetical list of parishes (in plain text format)