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The following amendments to ELM’s Index of Essex Church Dedications are based on information supplied by Bernard Gowing, of Chelmsford. The compiler wishes to acknowledge his thanks to Mr. Gowing, and hopes that users of the Index will indicate where further amendments are necessary. (Some amendments include changes of Grid Reference.)

1) Chelmsford (cathedral) TL 708069 Joint dedication: St. Mary, St. Peter and St. Cedd

2) Panfield TL 739253 Joint ded’n: St.  Mary and St.  Christopher

3) Widford TL 694051 Dedication: St. Mary

4) Fairstead TL 768167 Joint ded’n: St. Mary and St. Peter

5) Wickham Bishops (x) TL 825112 Dedication: St. Peter

6) Bardfield Saling TL 687265 Also called Little Saling

7) Stambourne TL 721389 Joint ded’n: St. Peter and St. Thomas

8) Alphamstone TL 878355 Dedication: St. Barnabas

9) Pentlow TL 813462 Joint ded’n: St. Gregory and St. George

10) White Notley TL 787182 Dedication: St. Etheldred

11) Woodham Walter TI 809068 Dedication: St. Andrew

12) Langdon Hills (x) TQ 673863 Joint ded’n: St. Mary & All Saints

13) Manningtree (x) TM 108319 Joint ded’n: St. Michael & All Angels

In addition to the above, please note that the following churches have been declared ‘redundant’ and should be marked in the Index with (x):

14) Chickney (x) TL 574280 St. Mary

15) Little Oakley (x) TM 212285 St. Mary

16) Mundon (x) TL 880027 St. Mary

17) Virley (x) TL 949138 St. Mary

18) West Bergholt (x) TL 953281 St. Mary

19) East Horndon (x) TQ 635895 All Saints

20) Tolleshunt Knights (x) TL 928139 All Saints

21) Shellow Bowells (x) TL 607078 St. Peter and St. Paul

22) Netteswell (x) TL 456094 St. Andrew (not yet redundant?)

23) Asheldham (x) TL 979013 St. Laurence

24) Colchester (x) TL 998254 St. Helen’s chapel

25) Prating (x) TM 082223 Dedication unknown

Jim Kimmis
Essex Landscape Mysteries