Jim Kimmis evidently wished the index to be kept up to date. In this republication, therefore, the rule of not changing the original text has been broken, and a few more amendments have been made. These and the earlier amendments affect only the lists and tables; the running text and maps have not been changed. Sources of information include:

Frances Arnold-Forster, Studies in Church Dedications, 3 volumes, London, 1899; especially the list of dedications in vol. 3, pp. 27–320;

Crockford’s Clerical Directory (many editions; recently every 2 years);

and of course the Web, which didn’t exist when Jim Kimmis wrote.

Amendments by Michael Behrend, March 2010

(2.1) In the original edition, Wickham Bishops appeared twice in the lists, and the number of unshared dedications to Holy Cross was given as 3 instead of 2. The total number of churches is therefore 411 rather than 413.

(2.2) Alphamstone: Original dedication lost. Dedication to St. Barnabas (Bernard Gowing’s amendment) dates only from 1975. Therefore restored to “Unknown”.

(2.3) Alresford: St. Peter’s church is ruined. St. Andrew’s church (in Crockford) is modern.

(2.4) Ashen: Original dedication lost. Dedication to St. Augustine of Canterbury dates only from 1850’s (Arnold-Forster, Web). Therefore changed to “Unknown”. [sic]

(2.5) Bardfield Saling: St. Margaret in Arnold-Forster. Evidence of altar or chapel previously dedicated to St. Margaret referred to in 1424.

(2.6) Belchamp Otten: Misprinted Belchamp Otton in original edition.

(2.7) Birdbrook: Church is dedicated to St. Augustine of Canterbury, not the other St. Augustine.

(2.8) Ilford Hospital: Dedication to St. Mary and St. Thomas refers to St. Thomas of Canterbury (i.e. Thomas Becket), not the apostle.

(2.9) Stambourne: Dedication to St. Peter and St. Thomas refers to St. Thomas Becket, not the apostle.

(2.10) In a few joint dedications, the order of saints’ names has been made consistent (order taken from the Web).