Aubrey Burl & John Michell, “Living Leys or Laying the Lies?”

Popular Archaeology, February 1983, pages 13–18

A debate about the existence of leys, between Aubrey Burl (against) and the late John Michell (for). Popular Archaeology was a short-lived magazine which changed its name to Archaeology Today in 1987 and ceased publication in 1988. For this Web version, some of the illustrations have been scanned from elsewhere (see the notes on the illustrations).

Thanks go to Aubrey Burl for permission to republish this article here.

The digitized version contains the following Web pages:

Main text
Title image: One of the “giant beds” of Drenthe, Holland, by Picardt (1660)
Alfred Watkins, the discoverer of ley lines
The irregular lines of stones at Kermario in Brittany
The Devil’s Arrows, Yorkshire, as drawn by William Stukeley
The King Stone near the Rollright Stones, Oxfordshire
Notes on the illustrations