F[rancis] C[ameron] Tyler, The Geometrical Arrangement of Ancient Sites

Simpkin Marshall, London, December 1939

This booklet is subtitled “A development of the ‘Straight Track’ Theory”. It is based on a lecture by Major F. C. Tyler OBE, who took over as president of the Straight Track Club on the death of its founder Alfred Watkins in 1935. As explained in the Preface, illness prevented Tyler from revising the work for publication himself. He died in September 1939, and the book was published the following December.

The digitized version contains the following Web pages:

Prelims (Preface, Contents, etc.)
The Straight Track
Road Alignments
A Geometric Pattern
Appendix I
Appendix II
Appendix III
Front cover
Title page
Figure 1.  Alignment of Somerset churches
Figure 2.  Alignments in Tiverton area, Devon
Figure 3.  Concentric circles, Bucks and Herts
Figure 4.  Alignments focused on Honiton Old Church, Devon
Figure 5.  Three-line intersections of crosses, etc., Dartmoor
Figure 6.  The Pilgrims’ Way
Figure 7.  Parallelism of Dartmoor alignments
Figure 8.  Concentric circles at Churchingford, Devon and Somerset
Figure 9.  Concentric circles at Stonehenge
Plate I.  Cascob Church, Radnorshire. Sited on an ancient mound.
Plate II.  Rudstone Monolith, Yorkshire, close to the church.
Plate III.  Brent Tor, Dartmoor. St. Michael’s Church, intersected by many alignments.
Plate IV.  Silbury Hill, Wilts., and course of ancient road.
W. J. Andrew on stone circles in Derbyshire