[K.E.] von Baer, „Ueber labyrinth-förmige Steinsetzungen im Russischen Norden”

Bulletin de la classe historico-philologique de l’académie impériale des sciences de Saint-Pétersbourg, 1, cols. 70–79 + plate facing col. 70 (1844).

With translation “On labyrinth-shaped stone layouts in the Russian North” (© Michael Behrend 2012).

This article by the Estonian scientist and explorer Karl Ernst von Baer was one of the earliest to draw attention to the stone labyrinths of northern Europe. These were little-known at the time, e.g. they are not mentioned in Trollope’s article of 1858.

In more recent times the northern stone labyrinths have been extensively studied. See for example the bibliography and several articles in the archive of the Labyrinthos website.

The digitized version contains the following Web pages:

Ueber labyrinth-förmige Steinsetzungen im Russischen Norden  
Steinsetzung auf der Insel Wier
On labyrinth-shaped stone layouts in the Russian North
Stone layout on Wier Island