Edward Trollope, “Notices of ancient and mediæval labyrinths”

Archaeological Journal, 15, 217–235 (1858)

Includes additional notes on mazes in England, by Albert Way.

This paper was the standard reference on the subject in English, until superseded in 1922 by the book Mazes and Labyrinths by W. H. Matthews.

Trollope’s original footnotes have been converted to endnotes. Click on an endnote number to go to the note. A few extra notes, indicated by capital letters, have been added to this Web version.

The digitized version contains the following Web pages:

Web §1   Classical and church labyrinths
Web §2  Turf and hedge mazes
Web §3  Additional notes on mazes in England (by Albert Way)
Web §4  Notes
Fig. 1   Labyrinth incised upon one of the porch piers of Lucca Cathedral
Fig. 2  Labyrinthine pavement at the entrance of the parish church of St. Quentin
Fig. 3  Labyrinth in the nave of Chartres Cathedral
Fig. 4  Maze formerly existing on Ripon Common
Fig. 5  Maze at Alkborough, Lincolnshire
Fig. 6  Maze at Wing, Rutlandshire
Fig. 7  Maze at Boughton Green, Northamptonshire
Fig. 8  Maze formerly existing near St. Ann’s Well, Sneinton, Nottinghamshire
Fig. 9  Maze at Saffron Walden, Essex
Fig. 10  Maze formerly existing at Pimpern, Dorset
Fig. 11  The Mize-Maze on St. Catherine’s Hill, Winchester
Fig. 12  Maze at Theobalds, Hertfordshire
Fig. 13  Italian maze, from Serlio, Libri Cinque d’Architettura, 1537
[No nr.]  The maze near St. Anne’s Chapel, Sneinton, Nottinghamshire [imagined scene]