Introduction to Haskell

I taught Haskell in the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham from 2000 to 2012. This course comprised ten fifty-minute lectures together with supervised lab sessions. Some of the material I covered was made available to the students on the internet, but in a very rudimentary form. I have expanded and updated this material over the years, most recently in September 2021.

unit exercises
no. name questions answers
1 Getting started questions answers
2 Lists questions answers
3 Floating-point numbers questions answers
4 List comprehension questions answers
5 Higher-order functions questions answers
6 The fold functions questions answers
7 Tuples questions answers
8 Stream-based interaction questions
9 Datatypes questions

Note that exercises are provided for each of the units and that answers are available for the first seven sets of exercises. Unfortunately, some of the answers are not correct. I hope to correct those that are wrong in due course.

© Antoni Diller (17 September 2021)