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Mail Gateway Maintenance commencing 14-Feb-2014 [Updated 19th Feb]

Dear members,

We will be performing some maintenance on our mail gateways in preparation for some upcoming improvements and upgrades. Maintenance will begin tomorrow evening (14th Feb) and will continue into next week.

There should be little to no impact on the service whilst the maintenance takes place, but some members might experience connection issues for a few seconds whilst the cluster compensates when a server is taken offline. Steps will be taken to minimise the chances of this occurring.

[Update - 19th Feb]

We will shortly be performing an update to the spam filters which will improve its ability to filter out spam.

Members with low thresholds in their anti-spam settings may wish to monitor their junk folders in case borderline emails which would have previously been marked as clean, are now marked as spam.

Originally Written: 13-Feb-2014 16:36, Last Updated: 06-Nov-2014 12:29

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