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Scam email warning [Update 05/09/2019]

UPDATE 05/09/2019
The have been reports of another phishing attempt claiming to upgrade your account with extra space. We currently updating our spam filters accordingly.
  • Please do not click the link in this email.
If you haven't followed any instructions in the email, you can safely disregard and delete. If you have however, we recommend resetting your password and contacting our helpdesk team at
Originally posted on 29/08/19
Users have reported a phishing email that was sent out today (29/08/2019) Please disregard and delete this email. 
  • The Link in the email is not the website, so please Do not click this link!
If you have clicked the link, please reset your password immediately and perform a full virus scan on your computer. If you have any concerns, please email our helpdesk at
For more information about identifying scam/phising emails, please check out our guide here 

Originally Written: 20-Aug-2019 14:14, Last Updated: 10-Jan-2020 09:17

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