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Cantab Scam email warning

We have had a number of reports of people receiving scam email (see below) that appears to come from Cantab threatening the closure of users accounts if the user does not follow the link in the email. Please do not follow the instructions on this email or click on any links it provides. There is a copy of the email in question at the end of this service update.
Here are some points to consider:
  • If you receive any such email, please delete it straightaway and blacklist the sender. 
  • We will NEVER threaten to close your account. An account will only be closed at the request of its owner. 
  • NEVER click on any link in an email if you are not sure of its source. 
  • If you have clicked in any links in a scam email, or followed instructions in any such email, the security of your account may have been compromised, so you should reset your Cantab password immediately
Please email us at if you have any questions or concerns.


Copy of the scam email 

Dear Customer,

Your Webmail has exceeded the limit set by the administrator and may not be able to send or receive new messages until it is reactivated.

Click here to reactivate your Webmail account

This email is obliged to follow up, otherwise the account will be closed at the end.

CANTAB Webmail Administrator.< /span>

Originally Written: 27-Mar-2019 09:50, Last Updated: 10-Apr-2019 08:38

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