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Phishing email warning

We have received reports of phishing attempts targeted at Cantab users. These emails may ask you to login to keep your account secure or avoid deletion, following an issue with the Cantab database, or will ask you to login following a new version of the email software. This is not a legitimate email from the University or the support team who manage your Cantab email service.
  • The links in these emails are not the website. Please do not click the link in these emails.
If you haven't followed any of the instructions in the email, you can safely disregard and delete it. If you have however, we recommend resetting your password immediately and if you need support please contact our helpdesk team at . Our system administrators have already made precautions to stop this email being distributed further. Please note that we will never:
  • Threaten to close your account. An account will only be closed at the request of its owner
  • Withhold any emails from you
  • Ask you to login by clicking a link if your account is already active
You can also check our guide on identifying scam and phishing emails here:

Originally Written: 15-Feb-2023 09:55, Last Updated: 15-Feb-2023 09:55

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