Bob Forrest & Michael Behrend, The Coldrum Ley: chance or design? (1985)

Privately published by Bob Forrest

The Coldrum ley, in Kent, was discovered by Paul Devereux. This booklet gives the results of a statistical investigation of the ley, carried out for a BBC2 television program “The Strange Affair of The Old Straight Track”, which was shown on 11 February 1986.

The photos were not in the original booklet and have been supplied for this Web version by Bob Forrest.

In case it isn’t made clear in the booklet, the church symbols on Ordnance Survey maps are:
   Church with tower = church with tower
   Church with spire = church with spire
   Church, no tower or spire = church with neither tower nor spire

The digitized version contains the following Web pages:

Main text
Appendix 1.  Further information about the Coldrum ley
Appendix 2.  Distribution of the 447 sites on sheet 188
Appendix 3.  Non-uniformity in the distribution of the 396 churches on Sheet 188
Appendix 4.  Map symbol sizes
Appendix 5.  The first set of simulations
Appendix 6.  The “COLDRUM 2” simulation
Appendix 7.  [Leys in Fig. 3 shown schematically]
Appendix 8.  [Dating churches: pre- or post-reformation]
Appendix 9.  [The second set of simulations]
Appendix 10.  [Rivals of the Coldrum ley from simulations]
End pages (map extracts and imprints page)
Front cover
Fig. 1  [The Coldrum ley on the map: Paper version, 1985]
Fig. 1  [The Coldrum ley on the map: Web version, 2010]
Fig. 2  [Displacements of sites from the Coldrum ley]
Fig. 3  [Alinements in a typical simulation]
Fig. 4  [16 simulated leys and the real Coldrum ley]
Fig. 5  [An extraordinary chance alinement]
Fig. 6  [Vertical section through the Coldrum ley]
Fig. 7  [Illustration of point-sharing]
Fig. 8  [Illustration of “silly spacing”]
Map extract 1: A section of lines 1 and 6
Map extract 2: A section of line 2
Map extract 3: A section of line 2
Map extract 4: A section of line 3
Map extract 5: A section of line 11
Map extract 6: The cross-track on the Coldrum ley
Announcement of the program in Radio Times, 1986
Displacements from the Coldrum ley, based on 1:2500 plans
Photos by Bob Forrest:
Trottiscliffe Church
Sarsens at Trottiscliffe (a)
Sarsens at Trottiscliffe (b)
Coldrum Barrow
Burham Court, across ford from Snodland Church
All Saints, Snodland
Birling Church