Bob Forrest, The Linear Dream

As Bob Forrest explains in the Preface, this sceptical essay in ley statistics was written about 1975, but never published in full. It still seems worth publishing, with some extra material to bring it up to date. Computer simulations can now replace the Furness formula that was used in the original essay, but do not alter the conclusions.

An attempt to incorporate updates into the text was not very successful. Instead, the essay is given here in its original form, apart from a few slight corrections and verbal changes. The updates are in separate web pages, and may be added to from time to time.

Preface (2014)
Case HistoriesUpdate to Case Histories
Further Studies
Appendix 1: Expected Alignments amongst Random Points
Appendix 2: Vertex AnalysisUpdate to Appendix 2
Appendix 3: Circular Arrangements of Ley PointsUpdate to Appendix 3
Appendix 4: Triangular Arrangements of SitesUpdate to Appendix 4
Appendix 5: Determination of the Mean Length of a LeyUpdate to Appendix 5
Graph 1: Simulation of skirting
Graph 2: Simulation of East Anglia moat alignments
Graph 3: Simulation of UFO links
Graph 4: Simulation of 4-point alignmentsUpdate to Graph 4
Graph 5: Simulation of Tyler’s Wooburn leys & circles
Précis of The Linear Dream from Undercurrents 18, Oct/Nov 1976 (searchable PDF)