Selected invited talks or posters

  1. International Genetic Epidemiology Society IGES 2020, invitation to speak at the special session on the genetic epidemiology of COVID-19 on 04 July 2020.
  2. Invited talk on "Preprocessing a QUBO for Quantum Annealing" at the D-Wave Users Meeting in Newport, RI, from 23-25 Sept 2019 funded by Los Alamos National Laboratory.
  3. Invited talk on "Preprocessing a QUBO for Quantum Annealing" in the Information Science and Technology Seminar Speaker Series of Los Alamos National Laboratory, 04 June 2019.
  4. Invited talk on "Computational effort of multiple hypothesis testing" at the Jerusalem Joint Statistical Event 2018 in Jerusalem, Israel, 20 Dec 2018.
  5. Invited talk of equal title in the Stat/Data/UQ Seminar Series of the Statistics Department of the University of Manchester, 20 Nov 2018.
  6. Invited talk on "Quadratic unconstrained binary optimisation and recent advances in quantum annealing" in the CQIF Seminar Series of the Statistical Laboratory of the University of Cambridge, 08 Nov 2018.
  7. Talk on "Selected topics in Multiple Hypothesis Testing and Quantum Annealing" in the ASG Data Sciences Seminar of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 11 Sept 2018.
  8. Invited talk on "Recent Advances in Quantum Annealing and Outlook on its Potential in Statistics" at the Isaac Newton Institute, University of Cambridge, 12 Apr 2018.
  9. Invited poster presentation at the Salishan Conference on High-Speed Computing 2017 at the Salishan Lodge in Gleneden Beach, Oregon, USA from 24-27 Apr 2017 (fully funded).
  10. Invited talk for the contributed session High and infinite dimensional time series analysis at ERCIM 2016 (CMStatistics) in Seville, Spain, from 09-11 Dec 2016.
  11. Invited talk at the Spotify headquarters in New York on "Monte Carlo based Multiple Testing", 20 Oct 2016.
  12. Lecture in the CCS-6 Statistical Sciences Seminar Series of Los Alamos National Laboratory on "A Framework for Monte Carlo based Multiple Testing", 22 Sep 2016.