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Hi there! Following my one-year EPSRC doctoral prize fellowship at the Statistics Department of Imperial College London (2016-17), and a research associate position in the StatScale project (2017-19), I am currently a research scientist and instructor at Harvard University working on statistics methodology in the Biostatistics Department of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Prior to my EPSRC doctoral prize fellowship, I was a postdoc at the Statistics Department of Columbia University in the City of New York (2015-16) and researched at Los Alamos National Laboratory during the 2015 IS&T Co-Design Summer School. I completed my Ph.D. at Imperial College London in 2015.

I continued to conduct innovative research on quantum annealing, quadratic unconstrained binary optimisation, as well as NP-hard problems at Los Alamos National Laboratory (August and September 2016, March and April 2017, as well as May and June 2019), with an additional visit of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on related work as a visiting scientist (August and September 2018).

Please find my complete CV here.
Contact: ghahn "at" bwh "dot" harvard "dot" e d u
Last update: 21 Nov 2023