How to calculate A-Hilb C^n for 1/r(a,b,1...1)

Sarah Davis, Timothy Logvinenko and Miles Reid

This website accompanies the paper of the same name (37 pp., submitted to the Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo, special Alg Geometry volume). All the material here should be presumed to be totally wrong, until proven otherwise.

The original draft (4 pp.) of the paper, potentially more lucid and useful than what it grew into.

A text containing miscellaneous computations of A-Hilb C^4, conjectures/counterexamples arising thereof. The Magma code employed for these computations.

An example of bad A-Hilb: for A=1/30(1,6,10,13) the A-Hilb C^4 is reducible.

Some worked examples of the propellor game computations.



Miles Reid's webpage on McKay correspondence.