Journal of Geomancy vol. 4 no. 1, October 1979




We live in a universe of subtle energies and every dowser can recognize them.  Last time we described the basis of the system of telluric or ley-lines as we have observed it to be, stating that groups in England, France and Germany have recorded, using statistical methods, that there are long-distance alignments across countries and continents which unite megalithic sites, medieval churches, sacred groves, wells, springs, standing stones etc. 

For various reasons, our group began a dowsing investigation in order to determine whether it was true, as some maintained, there were energies in these alignments and we discovered that there were indeed such energies travelling in straight lines between such sites.  We observed that there were single lines about 12 cms wide, triple lines, six-bar lines, 7, 14, 21, 28, 42, 49.  Although the progression of 7 seems important, there was no 35-bar line.  We also noted that since the 24th of March 1978, the ley system has moved onto an eight system instead of 7; that is to say a 49-bar line is now a 64 bar line. 

At the same time, according to a book written by the Archdruid of France, we have established to our satisfaction that the system, at least for Europe, Africa, the Middle East, goes from the east to the west, emerging from Mount Pamir, perhaps the Mount Meru of the Buddhists, now renamed Mount Communism by the Russians, and that the 49 bar lines, now 64s, are rather like long rivers, and the lesser ones their tributaries.  At any rate, where we have been able to investigate the sites named by the Archdruid, in each of those sites we have been able to establish that one of these lines passes through – and this includes Teheran, Jerusalem, the pyramids, Rome, Sienna, Pisa, Monte Carlo, Marseilles, Narbonne, La Junquera, Barcelona etc., to name a few of the sites we have investigated.  We also observed that although, on one level, it appears that the system has a direction, and that is so, the current, if you like, has a pulse of 4 per minute, and functions more like AC than DC. 

Another important phenomenon was the existence at functional points of the system of geometrical forms, and here we illustrate a typical selection of these forms.  It may be seen that the factor of 7 operates, although the 8 has now superseded it.  We were able to record some 3000 of these geometrical field effects and these are the basic forms on which the series is built. 

Geometrical forms found by dowsing
Spiral and labyrinth forms found by dowsing

According to esoteric tradition, in which all is form, weight and number, we ought to have encountered triangles in this series, but I can only report that I never have – although we found spirals, which, according to some, is the same phenomenon – but we also encountered forms apart from this series – namely labyrinths, and here we have a selection.  It is interesting that some of these maze patterns correspond with the forms which still may be seen in stone in the floors of various cathedrals, and all cathedrals are situated on a main line: as we have noted that the architecture of cathedrals, their towers and doors recognize or cause lines, for this reason, we presume that their constructors understood something of the ley system: and we equally presume that maze patterns laid down by them in stone of the floors, that this particular form is relevant to the system, be it visible or perceived by dowsing. 

And up to a certain point, we are satisfied that these geometrical field effects indicate a function of the energy in particular places.  For example, a form of seven circles appears to indicate a function of the energy, that may be held to be ‘good’ or ‘positive’, and a form of circles and squares within each other may be held to be ‘bad’ or ‘negative’.  I cannot tell you precisely what the logic of this may be, but in the first place, empirical experience is {4} the basis for the conclusion, and in the second, we note that in esoteric tradition, the seven circles have a good or positive significance.  There are many other examples, but these are basic.  They occur in places where the lines merge. 

Clearly, we commenced this work as mere observers of phenomena – but once we had observed them, it is natural that we had to try to construct hypotheses to explain these phenomena – and generally speaking it is within the field of esoteric tradition that we found analogies – in number, measure, frequency, and form – in classical Pythagoreanism — the basis of the Kabbala, the esoteric system of the Judaeo-Christian tradition. 

Thus we formed the opinion that the explanation of these phenomena may be found in what is called the world of “magic” – a word which will produce a shiver in some, and incredulity and rejection in others. 

In the Establishment world of Cartesian reason, each recognized phenomenon is obliged to repeat itself in the laboratory when identical conditions are created – a law so rigid that a phenomenon that manifests only once, even though correctly observed, has no reality because it is not repetitive – being repeatable occasionally is not enough. 

For example, I must quote Uri Geller, bender of metals.  He cannot do it every time he wishes – although we are satisfied the phenomenon is valid.  He said “I have done it once, why do I have to do it twice?” Now, as we know from the presentations of John Hasted, Physics Professor at Birkbeck College in the University of London, delivered at the International Conferences of Parapsychology, that he now has a group of youngsters, who frequently, but not always, produce metal bending and breaking effects in his laboratory – and he is not unique. 

That is to say that recreating all the circumstances, according to the criteria of positivist science, the phenomena do not repeat themselves automatically – but they occur, and regularly.  It may therefore be deduced, that if the observation is correct, consequently when the phenomenon occurs, there is present a factor outside these criteria – a factor which cannot be stated in terms of Establishment science – a factor more subtle and ephemeral than can be measured by conventional methods.  Due to our friendship with Professor Hasted, we have had the opportunity of visiting his laboratory and dowsing the energies present there.  We observed that although we were not present during an experiment, but when many specimens of paranormally bent and broken metal were present, then an 8 bar line passed through his office, with 8 circles around the desk where these experiments take place – we know where the terminals of this line <are> but we are unable to form an opinion as to their significance.  We can only report that one of them was a large white obelisk without inscription in a 300 year old cemetery about a kilometre away. 

For this reason, and others, we may perhaps form the preliminary hypothesis that paranormal phenomena depend to some extent on the energies within the ley-system, and here in this very hall in Barcelona, we have an example, perhaps more dramatic. 

Last year at the same conference, I was able to observe, by dowsing, that there was a cross of 64 bar lines exactly on this podium.  I noted it after the conference had started – and did not mention it because I did not know if it was due to a phenomenon of the construction of the hall and the complex of exhibition halls around it which have the octagon within them – but the moment Signor Sorriano had completed his act of closure of the conference, they disappeared – a phenomenon I have noticed subsequently at conferences on themes, if we may say so, more profound than the normal run of conferences.  I remember that during the conference, certain people made experiments and they themselves were able to confirm the presence of a 64-bar line passing through the hall. 

What does it all mean?  We began with the word “Magic”.  Clearly, it is a very emotive word, positively and negatively – it is difficult to find a better word to describe the phenomenon of the subtle energies that every dowser can find in the ley system.  We are not talking of the necessity of dressing up in a cloak of stars and a conical hat, chanting ritual incantations in the centre of a pentagram.  That is ritual and not spiritual magic.  We are speaking of the phenomenon we have observed that the energies of the ley system and paranormal phenomena have something in common. 

For example, on a number of occasions in <the> last year, we have had the opportunity to make dowsing analyses when established healers have been at work.  When they put themselves in the necessary mental state, multi-parallel lines join them to the ley system as if they were plugged-in.  We have {5} noted such lines occurring between people in the state of telepathic communication.  We believe, on a preliminary basis, that this ‘plugging-in’ effect is connected with a brain rhythm in the ‘theta’ belt.  That is to say that the state of mind of the person may be the necessary factor for the creation of the fields of subtle energies necessary for so-called paranormal phenomena. 

And that is the reason why here in this hall we have a cross of these energy lines – because at a conference of this nature, our minds are more open to those possibilities that perhaps we may call transcendental.  That is to say that here on this podium, we have a focus of consciousness, of energies which exist because we are all here and thinking this way.  Is that “magic”?  Or is there a better word – I don’t know one and would like to know if there is.  In this field, there is no established vocabulary. 

One may ask – what can we do with these energies?  My reply would be that it is a subject that we can profitably discuss on another occasion with great interest – not to avoid such a question but because that involves a pretty long reply for which we have no time. 

Plan of Teotihuacan, Maxico

And this is a classic example of what may be called the origins of the system in general.  After my last presentation, I have had the possibility of going to North and South America as well and I can confirm that the system exists there, as it does here, and in Africa and the Middle East.  In my visit to Mexico, I encountered a classic example of the phenomenon again.  Making dowsing analysis of the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon in Teotihuacan, we noted that a line of 64 bars passes from the Pyramid of the Moon down the Avenue of the Dead.  Another from the Pyramid of the Sun, and another from the Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl, the white crucified god of the Aztecs, which comes out of the very mouths of the stone dragons’ heads there, which were his symbol – the plumed serpent.  I can also state that in the legend of Quetzalcoatl there are parallels with the stories of Moses, David and Jesus, a curious but significant fact.  From the whole complex another 64-bar line which appears, from compass bearings taken at both places to join the Pyramid of the Sun to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Guadaloupe, some 30 kilometres away, the Christian sanctuary of all the Americas in Mexico City, where the Pope recently and quite unexpectedly came and pronounced a homily of an interesting nature about Maryology. 

It is virtually a carbon copy of Lourdes, in its geography and history, grotto and apparitions.  That is to say that the energy of Christianity and pre-Christian religion appear united – and anthropologically we know that it was a fusion of cultures. 

At the same time, placing myself, with some effort, on top of the Pyramid of the Sun, which has a square top, I noticed that on each diagonal, extending the theoretical line, then in the distance was a Christian church, which does not appear to be an accident.  I could detect no energy lines, but it is another example that within the body of architectural and orientative knowledge of the Christian Church and the whole of antiquity, there was an understanding of geomancy, about which we spoke last time.  And it is not possible to separate geomancy from the line system {6} although they don’t coincide in every respect. 

Further to our observation that given a particular state of mind combined with a proper motive, phenomena can manifest themselves around a medieval church or a megalithic stone circle, although it may not be a site of particular importance, these manifestations appear to depend uniquely on the state of mind of those present and those who are focussing their consciousness on a particular place.  That may not be the most apt analogy, but these phenomena are the result, it would appear, of condensed consciousness, whether it be deliberate, when it is magic of the will, or whether it is manipulation by forces outside the communal consciousness of a group, a village, culture or race.  They focus on their altars

In the past, their altars have been in the first place, religious in the traditional meaning of the word, and, as we commented last time, they are situated over springs, both blind and open.  Every religious site of Paganism had its sacred well or spring – equally in the Maya culture of Mexico, and ‘Mary’ sites within Roman Catholicism, the sacred sites depend on wells or springs – Lourdes, Guadeloupe, Delphos, etc., even the most unknown and humble of such sites. 

But the modern altars have changed.  We have recently stated publicly in England that the ley system is not static.  It does not conform in its energy lines to the geomantic system of the stone age or the medieval church.  Due to a sort of magnetic effect, the energy system does not follow the old alignments in all cases.  Many lines pass through new altars, which are not religious in the traditional sense, but indeed are foci of modern consciousness. 

I am referring to Town Halls – the majority are built according to geomantic criteria – to water towers, where the octagonal form is always present – clearly water has always been a focus of consciousness in all ages – great country houses and palaces built on geomantic lines – the head-quarters of political parties, radio and television transmitters, nuclear reactors and atomic bomb arsenals

Those who wish can tour round the area of the U.S. S.A.C. base of Torrejón in Madrid and they will find very strong lines converging on where the nuclear arsenal is.  I am sorry, but only for nostalgic reasons, if I am upsetting the equilibrium of the peaceful academic world of dowsing societies, but in this field there are realities we must confront, both light-hearted and very serious. 

Equally around the nuclear power station of Madrid, the first in Spain, one may find a line system which unites the red pressure vessel of the reactor with megalithic stones, both ancient and modern and also with a medieval castle of the Military Order of Calatrava, an order very close to the Templars, an order very knowledgeable in these energies – a phenomenon confirmed by studies with nuclear stations in England and the U.S.A. where one of our group recently entered in his protective suit with official permission, the pressure vessel of a reactor in Detroit, which had been closed down for repairs, and was able to carry out a dowsing analysis which revealed a 64-bar line passing through and various geometrical field effects in and around the vessel. 

All these modern altars, because they are foci of human consciousness, as is this podium at this time, are in the system, along with megalithic sites – and here we have the Windscale nuclear plant in England with a stone circle next to it – and medieval and modern churches – many churches of the Mormons are within the system and in Salt Lake City they have their department of informed architects – as well as neogothic churches and also those of Antoni Gaudí, a strange man if ever there was one.  But at the end of the day we are left with the phenomenon in this very hall.  We have reproduced it here, which is neither a religious nor a nuclear site.  How can we, if we are prepared to accept that the observation is correct, reconcile all these phenomena in a satisfactory hypothesis? 

Perhaps a clue resides in the observation we have made, about which I made a brief statement last time – namely music.  In a 12th century Romanesque church in Andorra, we made several experiments with sacred music, Handel’s Messiah and Gregorian Plain-Chant.  Played in the church, they produced around {7} it and for many kilometres the symbols or geometrical field-effects, always in groups of 49.  We also noticed that in certain chapels of the Anglican church where they also sing a form of plain-chant, the same effects.  Some two years ago, driving through the village of Arenys de Munt here in the Maresme, I noticed the lines in the church in a state of great activity – I entered the church to see what was going on, and the priest was in the act of raising the host.  Sadly the cases where this happens are few.  And we do not therefore assume that the phenomenon is produced by mechanical or ritual acts – if it were so the world would be filled with confusion.  We conclude that in some way it is the state of mind of those present that reacts with musical frequencies or the spiritual field to produce these field effects. 

And it is not a phenomenon which results uniquely from purely religious acts for we have noted the same phenomenon playing songs from Jesus Christ Superstar in the same church, and also at a corrida here in the Plaza Monumental when the bull is killed.  What we feel is that the effect is not due to a mechanical act but because the mechanical act raises to a particular level the brain rhythms of those present.  I salute the priest at Arenys de Munt for his capacity to communicate his feelings for the sacred to his congregation and to produce in it this effect.  We believe that the effect of Gregorian Plain-Chant on ourselves and our reaction to it, is what produces the changes in the subtle energy fields around – while we were in Andorra – up to the point that with great care we were able to demonstrate to our satisfaction that without any external aid, there are states of mind that the individual can use to produce these field effects around him. 

Dowsable parallels between two people

What is critical is the presence of a group or an individual who are open to this state of mind, whether it is provoked by internal or external influences.  It is a phenomenon which is sometimes conscious and sometimes unconscious and depends to some extent on the direction in which the general and particular influences at work in society are pushing us, whether towards the altar of a temple or to a network of TV transmitters, or to the head-quarters of a political party, or to an arsenal of atomic weapons, of which we are all afraid, and therefore have our consciousnesses very much focussed upon them. 

It is the phenomenon of the bionic field, the subjective field, the ether, or as the Russians call it, the bio-plasmic field.  The ley-lines are the result of condensations of human consciousness – in the majority of cases, unconscious, but in certain cases, conscious, and this latter is normally the context of magic, of the miraculous, the paranormal.  That is to say that consciousness is also an objective field, although the words subjective and objective sometimes appear identical. 

The subtle energies, which are completely outside of the electrical, electro-magnetic, gravitic and radioactive fields, are intimately related to our consciousness.  It is a unified cosmos.  One cannot distinguish between any parts of it – in the final analysis all is part of all – as Einstein said.  The question, as we see it, is whether we dominate these fields or they dominate us. 

And in this sense the ley lines may be called telluric because they are related to the earth, for in the first instance, man in his basic proto-historical state of consciousness was directed to water, his fount of life, and secondly, by higher states of consciousness in which he contemplates his altars, ancient and modern, sacred and profane – thus water and ley-lines are related.  Man puts himself by instinct and nature within the subtle energies of our world and condenses them by his acts of concentration in individual places.  This is a function of group consciousness and is passive.  When there arises a realization of his individuality in higher states of consciousness, and is therefore a function of the ego, it is active and we call the results magical – for lack of another word.  However, those who wish to put themselves in this state of mind, ought to consider carefully because there are dangers as I tried to indicate in my first presentation.  The church and many so-called Pagan religions have talked of the spirit – I cannot enter here into a discussion of what the spirit is all about – there are others better qualified by their religious offices – but we have observed the effects of spiritual activity – they stimulate consciously or unconsciously the fields of subtle energies.  {8}

To start dowsing is a first step – and passive.  You are observers of phenomena by the dowsing method, but later the reality presents itself, that, by extending the dowsing function, the act of observation can change itself into the act of projection – the next frontier.  Before we enter into this field, as I said last time, one should arm oneself with the sword of truth, and the armour of light, for you are on the Quest of the Holy Grail, the chalice that aliments mankind, according to legend, and legends usually cloak great truths.  The Grail is the allegory of the understanding of these energies and hides a huge truth.  Those who are not prepared for the Quest can make themselves spiritually deaf and dumb, if they do not realize that the reality of the subtle energies implies, to perceive it and live with it, a certain innocence – not naivity, a certain alert passivity, a certain brain rhythm which comes from discipline, a certain morality which arises out of motive, a certain religiosity which implies faith – not faith in closed dogma but faith in the active principle of good. 

I have spoken to some extent within the context of mysticism, a word which also creates confusion, and is considered the antithesis of rationalist, positivist and scientific attitudes.  I maintain that, in its manner of qualifying reality, there is no distinction.  If the realities of dowsing indeed go beyond positivist science, we are left without a vocabulary – apart from expressions like magic, esotericism and mysticism.  It is a unified cosmos where there is, and science is beginning to recognize it, the ultimate phenomenon of the Unified Field where everything may be resolved in balanced equations, i.e. the electromagnetic, gravitic, electrical, including the bionic, etheric, and spiritual fields, all of them are manifestations of the Unified Field and the dowser, suitably armed, is a pioneer, as you are all here pioneers, in the extension of mankind’s knowledge, but we must always realize that if we really want to penetrate into these realities beyond the frontiers of positive science, we must be prepared to confront mysticism, magic and esotericism, not just as lazy concepts of realities based on fantasy, but as the realities of the primary and proto-primary states of the material world – and we should enter as it were religiously, not prisoners of narrow dogma, but with a profound respect for the forces which truly move the universe, with faith in innocence, and motive – which can only be for the good of humanity under the macrocosm. 

Translation of Spanish text presented to the iind National Congress of Radiesthesia, Barcelona, Catalonia, May 5th 1979.