Journal of Geomancy and Ancient Mysteries (1976–1981)

The Journal of Geomancy was the journal of the Institute of Geomantic Research (I.G.R.), which was founded in 1975 by Nigel Pennick of Bar Hill, Cambridge, England.  The aims of the Institute were set out in a leaflet and on the membership application form.  In 1976 a report on the I.G.R. appeared in the Cambridge Evening News

The journal appeared quarterly, and ran under its original title for 15 issues (vol. 1 no. 1 to vol. 4 no. 3).  It was then renamed Ancient Mysteries, and ran for 4 more issues (nos. 16 to 19).  Production varied between all litho and stencil with litho inserts, depending on the amount of money available. 

Besides running the I.G.R., Nigel Pennick edited the journal, did much of the typing and production, and wrote most of the reviews. 
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