Paul Devereux & Robert Forrest, “Straight lines on an ancient landscape”

New Scientist, 23/30 December 1982, pages 822–826.

In 1982 there was sufficient public interest in earth mysteries for New Scientist to publish this article and an article on the Dragon Project by Don Robins.

Thanks go to New Scientist for not prohibiting republication of this article.

The digitized version contains the following Web pages:

Main article: Straight lines on an ancient landscape
A statistical model for ley lines
Letter to New Scientist from Martin Whittle, with a reply from Bob Forrest
Alfred Watkins taking a photograph
Parallel straight tracks in Bolivia
Figure 1: The Old Sarum ley
Figure 2: Ley through the Devil’s Arrows
Figure 3: The Craigearn line
Figure 4: The Saintbury ley
The Uffington ley
Southern section of Avebury Ring
Statistical notation: example of a 4-point line