Don Robins, “The Dragon Project and the talking stones”

New Scientist, 21 October 1982, pp. 166–168, 170–171

In 1982 there was sufficient public interest in earth mysteries for New Scientist to publish this article and an article on leys by Paul Devereux and Bob Forrest.

This Web version does not attempt to imitate the layout of the original. Instead, each thumbnail is placed near a relevant part of the text. In the original, three of the images have a common caption, which has been rewritten as three separate captions in the Web version.

Thanks go to New Scientist for not prohibiting republication of this article.

The digitized version contains the following Web pages:

Main article: The Dragon Project and the talking stones
Part of Avebury Ring
Don Robins taking Geiger readings at Moel Tŷ Uchaf
Infrared photo of stone circle at Moel Tŷ Uchaf
Ultrasound at Rollright: investigators and graph
Graph of radioactivity at Rollright
Rodney Hale measuring quartz periodicity at Rollright
Graph of radioactivity in Cornwall