Bob Forrest (ed.), The Ulro Chronicle and Bugle

Published by the editor, Bury, Lancs., 1977

This projected spoof newsletter never got beyond the few articles republished here. In a new introduction, Bob Forrest explains how the idea arose from a controversy with Tony Roberts.
August 2018: The lost No. 1, on the Great Pyramid, has now been found and added to this website.

The origins of The Ulro Chronicle and Bugle (Bob Forrest, October 2012)
Why I do not believe the Great Pyramid to be a very mystical edifice (Bob Forrest)
The Terrestrial Zodiac at Nowhere-in-the-Dale (Bob Forrest)
The Lore of Place Names in and around the County of Herefordshire (Bob Forrest)
Winnie the Pooh as an Embodiment of the Canon (Michael Behrend)
The Bury Earth Zodiac (David Randell)
The Reviews Page (Bob Forrest)
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