The Bury Earth Zodiac

David Randell

The following hypothesis is submitted as evidential to the claim that an ‘Earth Zodiac’ lies ‘hidden’ in the Bury area near the City of Manchester, England. 

It is important that the reader’s attention be drawn to the fact that further field work is needed before the full extent of the Zodiac can be ascertained.  This study therefore should be seen as a preliminary exercise. 

Two main fields have been concentrated on in this study, Gematria and the Analysis of Place Names.  The archaeological side to this study is being conducted by Mr Justin Time whose manuscript unfortunately was received too late for inclusion here.  However having briefly read through said manuscript I am of the opinion that its eventual publication will meet considerable success and amply illustrate the authenticity of the Zodiac claim. 

Analysis of Place Names.  Here I am indebted to the work of the late Mr I. C. Ittall ‘Origins of Place Names within the British Isles’, now out of print incidentally. 

Ramsbottom.  ‘… derived from a prolific sheep farming community of the Saxon period’.  ‘… evidence existing to a practice of husbandry in Neolithic times’.  (Origins of Place names within the British Isles – I. C. Ittall). 

It has been suggested that the Ramsbottom area and the manner in which the husbandry naturally appeared there is the direct manifestation of the Aries vibration of the Earth Zodiac.  In fact to quote Justin Time ‘It soon becomes apparent that a Ram suddenly resolves itself from the Ramsbottom area and that its hindquarters possess remarkable clarity, I find it strange to ascertain how the inhabitants seemed aware of this intriguing coincidence!’

Edenfield.  ‘A once influential area of vineyard produce … a veritable field of Eden’ (Ibid). 

BURY.  ‘Concealment’ (Ibid) I. M. Rite suggests: ‘A clever anagram which in fact was derived from the name RUBY.  This the mystical gem of Mars and the Zodiacal constellation of Aries saw extensive use in the regalia of a small body of people that paid homage to the Ram in the now Edenfield area.  (My emphasis) . 

Gematria.  Here the Stirling Behrend system has been employed. 

Ramsbottom – 200+1+40+300+2+70+9+9+70+40 = 741 (740) colel employed.  By Gematria 740 equals in the Greek correspondences – ‘Circle’ and Creation’. 

I. M. Rite a numerologist amongst other things has come up with this interesting snippet of information:—

‘Some intriguing number correspondences seem to revolve around the present occupier of 37 Dearden Fold, Edenfield, Bury, LANCS.  The number 37 forms the basis of many significant ‘Gematric’ numbers, particulary the ‘triple’ numbers ie.  111;222;666 etc.  37 as 370 equals ‘House’ and ‘Temple’ whilst 370 is half of 740 (see above – Ramsbottom).  The occupier ‘Bob’ (74!) or ‘Rob’ (272 – the MY and numerical anagram of pi as 22/7) is a professional mathematician and one is tempted to speculate as to the coincidental or intentional basis of these parallels?  Consider also that a correspondent by the name of David Randell (also of mathematical leanings I believe) has a name value of 345 – one of the Pythagorean triangles, and that his father Dennis Randell has name value of 739 (740 – again!) and treat 345+739 = 1084 which with the colel usage gives us the famous 1080 value.  Is it a coincidence that a circle of circumference 1084 has a diameter of 345?  Perhaps the obvious fact overlooked here is that 1082 (1080) is the numerical value of ‘This is it Folks!’. 

Whilst the above may be seen to illustrate the mystical nature of the Bury area and those attracted to it, Mr U. R. Rong thinks otherwise and I understand is in the process of submitting a counter theory.  I await its appearance! 

Tom Foolry.   Sept.  ’77. 


‘Origin of Place Names within the British Isles’ by I. C. Ittall edited by I. A. Crank and ‘Mysterious Tales’ by I. M. Rite.  Both books published by M. T. Head Books Inc. 

Thanks also given to the work of Justin Time and the inspiration behind this work by Mrs C. Nile.