Bob Schadewald, The Plane Truth

First published on this website, 2015. Copyright © 2015 Wendy S. Schadewald.

Bob Schadewald (1943–2000) was an authority on the history of the flat-earth movement. This book on the subject was incomplete at the time of his death, and has been lightly edited for publication here.

E-book cover
Preface by Lois Schadewald
Prologue: The Ancient View of the Earth
Chapter 1: The Founding Father
Chapter 2: Hampden and the Old Bedford Canal
Chapter 3: The Bedford Canal Swindle Detected and Exposed
Chapter 4: The Universal Zetetic Society
Chapter 5: Carpenter and the American Flat-Earth Movement
Chapter 6: Elsewhere Across the Plane
Chapter 7: Lady Blount and the Decline of British Flat-Earthism
Chapter 8: Voliva and Zion
Chapter 9: Johnson and Johnson: Two Witnesses
Appendix A: The Flat-Earth Bible
Appendix B: Additional Notes on Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not a Globe, 1st ed. 1865
Appendix C: The Fathers of the Church and Flat-Earthism
Appendix D: Geocentricity