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Changes from last release ( to


Add WinRPR Driver (DED HostMode over TCP)
Fix handling of VARA config commands FM1200 and FM9600
Improve Web Termanal Line folding
Add Start TNC to WinRPR driver
Add support for VARA2750 Mode
Add support for VARA connects via a VARA Digipeater
Add digis to SCSTracker and WinRPR MHeard
Separate RIGCONTROL config from PORT config and add RigControl window on Windows version
Fix crash when a Windows HID device doesn't have a product_string
Changes to VARA TNC connection and restart process
Trigger FALLBACKTORELAY if attempt to connect to all CMS servers fail.
Fix saving part lines in adif log and Winlink Session reporting
Add Port Specific CTEXT
Add FRMR monitoring to UZ7HO driver
Add audio input switching for IC7610
Include Rigcontrol Support for IC-F8101E
Process any response to KISS command
Fix NODE ADD command
Add noUpdate flag to AXIP MAP
Fix clearing NOFALLBACK flag in Telnet Server
Allow connects to RMS Relay running on another host
Allow use of Power setting in Rigcontol scan lines for Kenwood radios
Prevent problems caused by using "CMS" as a Node Alias
Include standard APRS Station pages in code
Fix VALIDCALLS processing in HF drivers
Send Netrom Link reports to Node Map
Add REALTELNET mode to Telnet Outward Connect
Fix using S (Stay) parameter on Telnet connects when using CMDPORT and C HOST


Fix flagging messages with attachments as read.
Fix possible corruption of WP database and subsequent crash on reloading.
Fix format of Web Manage Messages display
Fix occasional "Incoming Connect from SWITCH"
Fix L> with numeric dests
Improved diagnostic for MailTCP select() error.
Clear "RMS Express User" if user is changed to a BBS
Fix saving Window positions on exit
Fix parsing ReplyTemplate name in Webmail
Handle multiple addressees for WebMail Forms messages to packet stations
Add option to allow only known users to connect

John Wiseman GM8BPQ/G8BPQ
May 2021