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Changes from last release ( to


Add option to control which applcalls are enabled in VARA
Add support for rtl_udp to Rig Control
Fix Telnet Auto Connect to Application when using TermTCP or Web Terminal
Allow setting css styles for Web Terminal
And Kill TNC and Kill and Restart TNC commands to Web Driver Windows
More flexible RigControl for split frequency operation, eg for QO100
Increase stack size for ProcessHTMLMessage (.11)
Fix HTML Content-Type on images (.12)
Add AIS and ADSB Support (.13)
Compress web pages (.14)
Change minidump routine and close after program error (.15)
Add RMS Relay SYNC Mode (.17)
Changes for compatibility with Winlink Hybrid
Add Rigcontrol CMD feature to Yaesu code (21)
Trap potential buffer overrun in ax/tcp code
Fix possible hang in UZ7HO driver if connect takes a long time to succeed or fail
Add FLRIG as backend for RigControl (.24)
Fix bug in compressing some management web pages
Fix bugs in AGW Emulator (.25)
Add more PTT_Sets_Freq options for split frequency working (.26)
Allow RIGCONTROL using Radio Number (Rnn) as well as Port (.26)
Fix Telnet negotiation and backspace processing (.29)
Fix VARA Mode change when scanning (.30)
Add Web Mgmt Log Display (.33)
Fix crash when connecting to RELAY when CMS=0 (.36)
Send OK to user for manual freq changes with hamlib or flrig
Fix Rigcontrol leaving port disabled when using an empty timeband
Fix processing of backspace in Telnet character processing (.40)
Increase max size of connect script
Fix HAMLIB Slave Thread control
Add processing of VARA mode responses and display of VARA Mode (41)
Fix crash when VARA session aborted on LinBPQ (43)
Fix handling port selector (2:call or p2 call) on SCS PTC packet ports (44)
Include APRS Map web page
Add Enable/Disable to KAMPACTOR scan control (use P0 or P1) (45)
Add Basic DRATS interface (46)
Fix MYCALLS on VARA (49)
Add FreeData driver (51)
Add additonal Rigcontrol options for QO100 (51)
Set Content-Type: application/pdf for pdf files downloaded via web interface (51)
Fix sending large compressed web messages (52)
Fix freq display when using flrig or hamlib backends to rigcontrol
Change VARA Driver to send ABORT when Session Time limit expires
Add Chat Log to Web Logs display
Fix possible buffer loss in RigControl
Allow hosts on local lan to be treated as secure
Improve validation of data sent to Winlink SessionAdd API call
Add support for FreeDATA modem.
Add GetLOC API Call
Change Leaflet link in aprs map.
Add Connect Log (64)
Fix crash when Resolve CMS Servers returns ipv6 addresses
Fix Reporting P4 sessions to Winlink (68)
Add support for FreeBSD (68)
Fix Rigcontrol PTCPORT (69)


Fix crash when ; added to call in send commands
Allow smtp/ override for messages from RMS Express to send via ISP gateway
Send Internet email from RMS Express to ISP Gateway if enabled and RMS BBS not configured
Recompiled for Web Interface changes in Node
Add RMS Relay SYNC Mode (.17)
Add Protocol changes for Relay RO forwarding
Add SendWL2KPM command to connect script to allow users other than RMS to send ;FW: string to RMS Relay(21)
Fix B2 Header Date in Webmail message with sttachments.
Fix bug when using YAPP with VARA (.27)
Allow SendWL2KFW as well as the (incorrect)SendWL2KPM command
Add mechsnism to send bbs log records to qttermtcp. (.33)
Add MFJ forwarding Mode (No @BBS on send) (.35)
Fix handling CR/LF split over packet boundaries
Add Header and Footers for Webmail Send (42)
Fix Maintenance Interval in LinBPQ (53)
Add RMS: to valid from addresses (.56)
Fix Web management on Android devices (.58)
Disconnect immediately if "Invalid Command" "*** Protocol Error" or "Already Connected" received (.70)


Add option for user defined help file
Add Connect Scripts
Improve connect timeouts and add link validation polls

John Wiseman GM8BPQ/G8BPQ
May 2022