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Website Design Update will soon be updating its design to match that of the current Cambridge University benefits page.
Despite the changing look of the site, please rest assured that the function of your usual email service will remain the same.

Welcome to Cantab

Cantab is a free email service designed specifically for University of Cambridge graduates. It provides all leavers with a FREE and prestigious email address and offers a full email account in which to host it.

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What is Email for Life?

You have been given a fully serviced alumni email account which you can keep for life. This account allows you to send and receive email using the exclusive address. Easily keep in touch with your fellow graduates as you will never need to change your address based on your ISP or current employer.

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Account Types

Your free account is a webmail account offering 100MB of online storage. Enhanced accounts are available offering 2000MB and permitting you IMAP and POP access from programs such as Outlook or even your mobile phone.

Full Price List

Leavers receive 12 months free usage at the Premium level, sponsored by the Alumni Office. All other alumni receive 3 free months.

Why should I use this account?

Exclusive and Prestigious Email Address

Your address proves that you are a graduate of Cambridge and looks great on CVs and applications.

No Adverts, Ever!

The service will never be slowed down or cluttered with advertising like many other free webmail services.

A service you can trust

The university audits security and privacy controls to ensure that your data is safe and respected.

Dedicated Support Team

Unlike many services you have access to a friendly, and capable email support desk staffed by real people.

Easily Migrate your emails

Keep your records of university emails with our easy email migration tool.

Online Directory

Find old friends using the private directory.

Alumni Announcements

Know a graduand?

For those about to graduate or celebrating a graduation anniversary, Eva London produce a stylish collection of rings exclusively for alumni that can be customised with your College and degree details.

Pre-order before 25 April to have yours ready for collection at General Admission!

Eva London Cambridge ring - band 2 in gold and silver 

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Voyage North - Heritage of the Vikings

3 - 11 September 2014

Voyage north in the company of expert trip scholar Dr Elizabeth Ashman-Rowe to discover the legacy of the Vikings on the fascinating Norwegian coastline.


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