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I have taught a number of different subjects, ranging from plant diversity and systematics through to molecular biology and genetics. This includes leading laboratory practical classes, lecturing and running field trips. In addition I supervise undergraduate and postgraduate students for lab projects and dissertations in the areas of genomics, ecology and plant evolution.

• Molecular Genetics; Microbiology; Cell Biology (Year 1 undergrad.)
• Animal and Plant Diversity; Ecology and the Environment; Environment and Climate Change (Year 2/3 undergrad.)
• Research Frontiers in Evolutionary Biology - Angiosperm Diversity (MSc)
• Environmental Management and Sustainability (MSc)

Lab teaching (selection):
• Mitosis and DNA extraction practicals (Year 1 undergrad.)
• Comparative and Integrative Physiology - Heart rate in Daphnia (Year 2 undergrad.)
• Molecules to Cells - DNA extraction, Testing for reducing sugars, etc. (Foundation year)
• Evolutionary Biology - Genetic drift and selection (Year 2 undergrad.)

Outreach & Science communication                  

I enjoy being involved in outreach activities and science communication in a broader sense as it is important to disseminate research to the wider public, ditching jargon and making it intelligible for a more general audience. I try to do this in a number of ways, through writing more approachable articles such as this one for QMUL's Winning Words competition, or taking part in video and podcast initiatives and workshops, to gain some skills and experience in those areas of media engagement.

The Genetics Society Communication Workshop is a great initiative, which includes work with The Naked Scientists; here you can see our podcast featured.