In case it wasn't obvious from the link, I have an interest in genealogy. I am researching the following surnames; if you know anything you think might help, please don't hesitate to .

KRANTZ → GRANT (possibly aka BERKOFF / BUKIOV?) Constantinople via Kherson, Ukraine
GOLDMAN Russia? Poland?
KRUSS and POGRUNDAbel (Obeliai), Novoaleksandrovsk Province, Lithuania
LEV(E)Y / FREITAG Schkee, Kovno Gubernia, Lithuania
CZ(W)IRKOWSKI / ZERMANSKY / GERMANSKY / JAMAN "Rembeylinek" (Rembielin) nr Chorzele & Bialystok, Poland
Rose/Rosa CLARKSON, 1829?–1909 Wife of Abraham Mendelson above
ANKER Hanover → Newcastle early 1850s
(Co-founder of Leazes Pk Rd Synagogue, N/cle)
Posen → Newcastle early 1850s
FREE(D)MAN Lithuania? Poland?
MENDELSO[H]N / MENDLESONPoland → Edinburgh prior to 1861.
HEPSTEIN / (H)EPSTONE / LUBETSKI Slonim, Grodno Gubernia
Rose FINE/FINN/FUMM ca.1873-1945, daughter of Asher FIN(E)Lublin
MICHELSOHNSlănic and Iași, Romania
PINCUIași, Romania

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