The Great Pyramid Speculation Folio

The Great Pyramid Speculation Folio was circulated by post in 1976–7.  It was organized by Bob Forrest, who had proposed it in an article in Fortean Times.  The material still held by Bob Forrest is republished here, with the omission of private letters and rough notes.  A few contributions have been lost over the years. 

Before republishing the contents here, I have tried to get in touch with contributors who may still be alive, but with little success.  Apologies to those who have been missed. 

Thanks go to Dr Stuart W. Greenwood for permission to use his contributions, and for an amendment to one of them.  Thanks especially to Bob Forrest for making the Folio available and for helpful discussions. 

Contents of the Fortean Times Great Pyramid Folio

Contributors to the Folio (in alphabetical order)

Michael Behrend UK Owner of this website
Robert (Bob) Forrest UK Organized the Folio, made several contributions
Stuart W. Greenwood USA Aerospace engineer
R. H. Hall-Wright UK Spoof by Sir Patrick Moore (1923–2012)
Martin Howe UK ?  
John W. L. Ivimy UK (1911–2000) Author of The Sphinx and the Megaliths, etc.
Kevin McClure UK Author of The Fortean Times Book of the Millennium, etc.
David Randell UK  
James Rutherford UK (1930–1990?) Ran the Institute of Pyramidology at Harpenden, Herts.
Michael W. (Mike) Saunders UK Author of Destiny Mars and many other books
Robert J. (Bob) Schadewald USA (1943–2000) Historian of the Flat Earth movement, etc.
(Mrs) Day Schwarz USA  


Contents of the Great Pyramid Folio (as held by Bob Forrest in October 2012)

Not all of the items have been used on this website.  If an item has been used, click on the title to view it. 

Date Author Title Used?
1975 March–April Greenwood Giza: Extraterrestrial focal point?  (Ancient Skies, vol.2, no.1, pp. 1–2) Yes
1975 July Greenwood Some reflections on pyramid slope angles (Pursuit, July 1975) Yes
1976 August 6–8 Greenwood The Giza–Stonehenge connection Yes
[1976 September?] [Forrest] What the sceptics say Yes
1976 September Forrest Control theories Yes
1976 September Forrest Numerical coincidences and pyramidology Yes
[undated] [Forrest] A comparison of pyramidology and the Shakespearean authorship problem Yes
1976 October Randell The pyramid stimulus Yes
1976 November Rutherford First contribution (untitled) Yes
1976 December 17 Saunders Comments on contributions, and extra material Yes
[1976 December?] [Forrest] Names and addresses of contributors No
1977 January 10 Forrest Letter to Rutherford No
1977 January 11 Ivimy Comments on the folio (by Ivimy) Yes
1977 January Forrest Reply to John Ivimy’s comments Yes
1977 January Forrest Reply to James Rutherford’s contribution Yes
[undated] Schadewald The slope of the Great Pyramid Yes
1977 March Schadewald The Pyramid Portfolio: comments Yes
1977 March Schadewald Remarks on Greenwood’s slope angles Yes
1977 June Rutherford Second contribution (untitled) Yes
1977 June 3 Rutherford Letter to Forrest No
1977 June 24 Forrest Letter to Rutherford No
1977 June 30 Rutherford Letter to Forrest No
[1977] July 4 Forrest Letter to Rutherford No
1977 July 7 Rutherford Letter to Forrest No
1977 July 14 Forrest Letter to Rutherford No
1977 July 19 Rutherford Letter to Forrest No
1977 July 26 Forrest Letter to Lionel Milgrom No
1977 August Randell An answer to Mr Rutherford’s contribution dated June ’77 Yes
1977 August 17 Forrest Letter to Kevin McClure No
1977 September 25 McClure Contribution (untitled, by McClure) Yes
1977 October 20 Forrest Letter to Frank [Dineen] No
1977 October 28 Schwarz Comments on the folio (by Schwarz) Yes
[undated] Behrend Comments on “The Giza–Merton Connexion” Yes
1977 Dec Forrest Comments on “Comments on ‘The Giza–Merton connection’ ” Yes
[undated] Hall-Wright Planetary pyramids Yes
[undated] Howe The Great Pyramid’s Lovecraftian echoes Yes
[undated] Behrend Contribution (untitled, by Behrend) Yes
[undated] Forrest Notes for Michael Behrend’s article Yes
[undated] [Forrest] R. H. Hall-Wright’s 2nd contribution: Summary No
[undated] [Forrest] Quote from Plutarch’s De Iside et Osiride, etc. No
[undated] [Forrest] Quote from F. C. Cook’s Holy Bible with Commentary No
[undated] [Forrest] Rough notes on Ivimy’s The Sphinx and the Megaliths No
[undated] [Forrest] Rough notes about Budge-Budge No
[undated] [Forrest] Rough calculations No
[undated] [Forrest] Rough notes: π, φ, e connections No